Solving the Mystery: What to Do When Word Found Unreadable Content

Understanding and Dealing with Unreadable Content in Word

Hi! I'm Tracy, your go-to person for all tech-related problems, and today we are going to address the frustrating issue many of us face: unreadable content in Word.

What is Unreadable Content?

Unreadable content refers to instances where MS Word files refuse to open or display error messages like ‘The file is corrupted and cannot be opened.' This typically occurs due to file corruption, misuse of the document, or incompatible Word versions.

Why Does Unreadable Content Occur?

It's essential to understand why unreadable content arises in Word documents to prevent it. These issues usually occur due to reasons like abrupt system shutdown, malfunctions, virus attacks, or even network connection interruption during Word file transfer.

Fixing Unreadable Content in Word

The good news is that Word comes with inbuilt features to address such problems.

1. Open and Repair the file in Word

Navigate to the ‘File' menu, then ‘Open', and finally ‘Browse'. Find the problematic file, click ‘Open' and then ‘Repair'.

2. Use ‘Recover Text from Any File'

Alternatively, open Word, click the ‘File' menu, and select ‘Open' then ‘Recover Text from Any File'. Remember, this might lead to loss of certain Word elements.


Unreadable content in Word can be a daunting issue, especially if it's a crucial document. However, with the right techniques and regular file back-ups, you can minimize potential data losses.

Do not hesitate to tackle these technical glitches and explore the wonderful tools that Word offers. Remember, a solution is always available. It's just about knowing the right steps to follow.

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