If you are playing Roblox and the graphics quality reduces, or you start experiencing a lag in Roblox, there can be various causes. A lag on Roblox can result from high-power programs using more system resources than Roblox itself. And because you play a Roblox game online, you might experience high ping due to a slow connection.

The first option is to close unnecessary programs so you can run Roblox more smoothly. However, an outdated internet connection can be caused by the DNS server supplied by your Internet Service Provider being improperly configured.

However, there can still be various causes for Roblox lagging and even more ways to fix it. But where do you begin diagnosing the problem, and which solution do you execute first? Fortunately for you, this guide will explain the best ways to reduce lag to have better fps, graphics quality, and a smoother experience while you play Roblox.

How to fix Roblox lag

You can try to uninstall and reinstall Roblox before trying anything we are about to suggest. However, if that does not work, you do not need to worry. Let's go over a quick overview of how you can fix the lag or reduce Roblox lag before diving deeper into more advanced solutions to fix Roblox lagging.

Close unnecessary programs

You can start by closing unnecessary programs that are taking up too much of your computer system resources. You can easily do this by exiting Roblox, looking for any open tabs or running in the background, and closing them all. Then you will open Roblox again to test out the game quality before pursuing another solution.

Delete temporary files

Another thing that could be consuming more of your system resources can be temporary files sitting in a local folder or recycle bin. Depending on the programs installed on your PC, there might be a lot of temporary data just sitting and occupying power from your computer unnecessarily.

You can start by clearing out the recycling bin and testing the game before you move on to deleting temp files from any PC folder.

Reducing the Graphics Quality in Roblox.

If you are not already running any other apps for purposes, you might have to try reducing the graphics quality in Roblox. If you have high graphics quality settings, it might be too much power from your graphics card.

You can do this by opening the settings tab in Roblox, finding the graphics quality control panel, and closing Roblox before running Roblox again. Your game might not have the same visual appeal and quality, but it should run smoother.

It might also help reset your graphics card clock speed if it is overclocked. An overclocked graphics card is prone to causing lags, glitches, poor performance, overheating, etc.

Improving Your Internet Connection.

If the issue persists, you can switch from your preferred DNS server or even try out a different internet service provider or internet protocol version. You might have to test your network connection or wireless connections to find the problem. However, here are a few more ways to improve your internet connection.

  • Restart the router or modem
  • shut down any apps running online or disconnect internet-connected devices
  • install an ethernet connection (it is a much more stable connection than a wired connection)

Improving Your Computer Specs.

You can reduce lag in Roblox by upgrading to a better PC or updating the specs. You can begin by upgrading to a Roblox recommended graphics card, such as the AMD Radeon R7 240. it comes with a 2GB GPU, which should be equal to or more than your current graphics card. If your computer is at least five years old or your gaming laptop is older than three years, it might be time to upgrade.

You could also opt to upgrade the computer processor. Roblox will recommend installing a computer processor with a 1.6Ghz clock speed newer than 2005.

You could also run a speed test on all your to find what might be underperforming and need replacement. It also helps to install the latest version folder of the game and all the components of your computer.

Delete Textures On .

This could help free up some space on your GPU to go back to running Roblox games smoothly. You will often find textures in the textures folder. And if you can not find it, you can search it from the search bar, which you can find after opening the windows logo at the bottom of your screen.

You can also check out Youtube for some additional tips, such as:

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