What MMO should I play in 2022

MMO or massively multiplayer online games are the best PC games as they enable you to play with millions of other players.

While some are free to play, other MMO games have a subscription fee. There are premium offers too that enable character customization options, weapons and cosmetics etc.

These games offer you hours of play, where you can spend time in a new world and meet other players. So, here is our list of the most anticipated MMOs to play in 2022.

Guild wars 2

Like a traditional MMO, Guild Wars 2 does not set you a fetch quest. Guild Wars 2 is a popular PvE game where you get to face the elder dragons and other such beings. It also enables a PvP experience where you can participate in deathmatches and action-loaded combat.

Star wars the old republic

Star wars the old republic is a free-to-play classic MMORPG. It features impressive storytelling, where each class of the game has its own storyline.

Final fantasy xiv

The popular game from the Final Fantasy franchise, Final fantasy xiv, is characterized by impressive graphics, a fantastic story and aesthetics. The game is a great alternative to Blizzard's World of Warcraft. The game has a monthly subscription fee. Pro tip: invest in a good MMO gaming mouse for Final Fantasy, it'll come in handy.

Elder scrolls online

Elder scrolls online is the only MMO that takes place in the Elder Scrolls franchise. Elder scrolls online is one of the best MMOs in terms of storytelling, character creation and voice acting. You can participate in various legendary events and visit locations from the series lore.


Eve-online is a free-to-play MMO that enables you to participate in a social experiment. You have to engage with multiple users in the universe for survival. It takes you in a fantasy world of cosmos with pirates, starships and player-created units.

World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft released its first version in 2004. It is undoubtedly one of the best MMO games. You can travel from one colorful location to the other and fight monsters and other warriors. It is also the easiest MMO to enter, as the developer Blizzard entertainment has integrated a new starting zone for beginners.

If you want to experience the old, there is a WOW classic. The World of warcraft classic reflects the game's version from 2004 when it was launched.


A popular free-to-play MMO that teaches skills like fishing, farming, dungeoning etc. The Old school Runescape also provides the experience of the 2007 version of this game.

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