What is the best size monitor for gaming


If you have recently acquired a gaming pc and are now looking for the best monitor size for gaming, it may be a confusing decision, particularly if there are multiple factors to consider. Today we will guide you to choose the best monitor for gaming.

If you want to use your pc for more than playing games, then the monitor should help in excellent gaming performance and cater to your other needs. However, a regular monitor with a smaller screen just won’t do, and you may need to look for options that can improve your gaming experience.

Standard monitor sizes and high resolution

But first, let’s look at a few standard monitor sizes and resolutions.

32 Inch monitors

32 Inch monitors can have a resolution of up to 4k. They have a bigger screen, but the larger screens may not make them very practical for most gamers as they are not portable monitors and take up a lot of desk space. However, the 32 Inch monitors may be useful for watching movies as they offer better viewing.

27-inch monitor

The 27 Inch monitor usually comes with a screen resolution of 1440p but can have a higher resolution too. A 27-inch monitor is considered the best gaming monitor by many pro gamers and hence has a competitive edge over the 24-inch monitors. The LG 27GL850-B is a great choice her.

24 Inch monitors

The next on our list for gaming monitor sizes are the 24-inch monitors. Their standard resolution is 1080p. They are also quite affordable and you can get a great gaming monitor under 300 USD.

What is the best monitor size for gaming

When it comes to choosing the best gaming monitors, it is a matter of personal preference. Let’s look at a few factors.

Portable monitors

Many gamers prefer a smaller monitor. It makes for a good portable monitor. Since a portable monitor is easy to carry, many prefer it with their gaming pc.

Ultrawide monitors

There are also ultrawide monitors with a larger display. It makes for a premium gaming monitor with a larger screen and may be preferred by many for a more immersive gaming experience, particularly for racing games. But the larger screen with a curved monitor may not be convenient for many pc gamers.

For instance, if the ultrawide monitors have a curved screen, it would distort the image for the peripheral vision, and you may not be able to play the game effectively. There is also a lot of screen space, making it difficult to read mini-maps and giving players with a smaller screen an unfair advantage due to a smaller aspect ratio.

Therefore, for fast-paced gaming, where competitive players play games with each other, these might not be feasible.

Multiple windows

Many competitive players go for more than one monitor instead of large screens. They may have a small screen, but while they play game on one monitor, they can use other screens for other purposes.

The best monitor size?

For single-player games, a 27-inch size monitor or up is appropriate. You can have more screen real estate to play with if you work from home. You have more screen space and a higher resolution making your gaming experience fun.

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If you are tight on budget or space, you can go for 24-inch monitors. They would also provide a good gaming experience make for good portable monitors. However, in addition to monitor size, also consider the panel technology and refresh rate of the pc. If you want a higher resolution, your hardware must be able to support it.

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