YSK: What is not a physical security measure for your home

Physical security measures refer to protocols designed to safeguard buildings or equipment and devices from any kind of physical attacks. These measures are intended to ensure that only authorized individuals get access inside, and unauthorized individuals stay out.

When it comes to a residential facility, you need to take measures for your home to ensure the safety of your family members. In this regard, individuals install locks or gates or hire guards for precautions from a security perspective.

Determining what is not a physical security measure for your home

Physical security measures are an important consideration, and it is why their study is a part of antiterrorism level 1 training.

Antiterrorism scenario training entails a series of scenario-based questions designed with the aim to improve the capability of application of personal protection measures in multiple instances.

One of the questions you will find on an Antiterrorism scenario training page is “What is not a physical security measure for your home” If you are looking for an answer to this question, you are indeed in the right place.

The section below entails a detailed answer to “What is not a physical security measure for your home” and what other scenarios you may be presented within this regard.

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The correct answer

So, if you are seeking a correct answer to the question discussed above as part of the antiterrorism scenario training, you may be provided with multiple statements which reflect a physical security feature. These statements can be

  1. Hiding a key outside so as to ensure family members can get inside, in case their keys are lost
  2. Maintain good relations with neighbors and look after each other's welfare
  3. Changing locks to keep key control intact – a smart lock is a better investment
  4. Confirm that the cleaning company you have hired is licensed and also reliable

While the latter 3 make sense from a security perspective, the first statement is the correct answer to the question. It is important to ensure key control in all instances, and when you place a key in convenient access, you may be inviting unauthorized individuals on your property. This is particularly important if you have a potential insider threat.

Protective measure for your home

It is a good idea to have a camera installed on your property for surveillance purposes from a safety perspective. You can choose to install a DIY home security system to ensure family members are safe from any threats.

A cursory search will present you with a wide range of effective options for various kinds of security systems, from which you can choose according to your requirements and preferences.

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