What Is Copper Used For In Minecraft?

If you are an avid gamer and Minecraft is one of your favorite games then you must have heard of Minecraft copper or even used it many times. Or maybe you are a new player still learning the ropes; regardless of your needs, Minecraft copper is one of the resources you will have to use to spruce your cave. Minecraft copper is a new addition to the Minecraft 1.17  Caves and Cliffs edition. Mojang promised us this update, and now it is here.

Besides Minecraft copper, new updates will feature copper ingots small axolotls, warden, mountain goats, monster mobs, and loads of other amazing features that will make Minecraft a lot more fun to play.

Copper In Minecraft

The copper you get will turn to green after some time when it is exposed to other elements in the game. But what can you use copper for in Minecraft? Quite a lot; from the look of things. But let us look at some of the things you can do with this key element in this fascinating game of builders.

To start, you can always check youtube for some info on, e.g. this awesome video by JayDeeMC.

But let us also give you a small breakdown of the various types.

Copper Ingots

Have you ever used copper ingots before? If you haven't, get ready to play the role of a blacksmith in the new 1.17 and 1.18 updates. Before you can use them, you will first need to smelt your copper into copper ingots. To make two copper ingots or more, you will need a fuel source.

Fortunately, there are quite a lot of energy sources in the game; from lava to coal, charcoal to wood. If you want to make copper ingots with raw copper, you will have to place your fuel at the bottom of the material for smelting to take place. Once it is smelted, the copper ingot will appear on the right side of the screen. you can make one, two, three copper ingots, nine copper ingots, or more. There are also drop gold ingots you can customize your copper ore blocks to using the blast furnace and a stone pickaxe.

Lighting Rod

Another thing you can use raw copper for in Minecraft is to make a lightning rod. To make a lightning rod, you will have to open your crafting grid and place your copper ingots in a vertical position at the center column on each other. A lightning rod is used to attract thunder strikes during a storm. This new feature makes the game all the more exciting to play since you can attract lighting for Redstone machines which is another benefit of raw copper. Lightning rods can also be used as a decorative feature too.


Spyglass is another object you can make using deepslate copper ore mined. The way you create a spyglass is similar to that of a lightning rod. But the only difference is that you will need to use an amethyst shard rather than an ingot on top of the furnace. In Minecraft, spyglasses are used to seeing across long distances. They may reduce your field of vision, but they have very powerful zoom capabilities. While you won't be able to see very far with a spyglass, you will still be able to zoom in to see objects clearly.

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Cooper Block

For those looking to make a copper block in Minecraft, they will need copper ore for that. Your smelted ingots can be used to make the blocks.

To do so, you will have to place the ingots into slots to create a crafting table.

Craft Stairs And Slabs

What more can you do with Minecraft copper? You can craft items like slabs and stairs. These stairs and slabs are made with a cut copper block which is different from the normal copper block. The difference between a cut copper block and a normal copper block is the grid lines. Cut copper blocks can be used to forge other items, but normal copper blocks cannot.

Oxidize Copper

To get an oxidized copper ore that turns green, it has to be exposed to elements for a long time. Copper blocks will change in line with the environment it is placed, and you can know if this is taking place by looking at the caves and cliffs update. If you don't want your copper ore to be oxidized, you can coat it with special beeswax.

Copper Rods

Last but not least of the things you can do with copper ore are copper rods. Copper rods are used to prevent your home from catching fire if struck by lightning. Although you can place your copper rods wherever you please, it is best to place them is on top of your house. Should your lightning strike, the rod will protect your home from lightning strikes.

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