What DPI Does Shroud Use?

DPI might not be as significant as you think because everything will balance out based on your in-game sensitivity.

DPI is an abbreviation for dots per inch. These dots represent the number of dots on the computer monitor that can fit inside an inch of space picked up by the mouse sensor.

For instance, suppose you have two with various DPI settings linked to two different displays.

Your in-game sensitivity multiplied by your DPI yields eDPI, or effective dots per inch. Finally, your genuine sensitivity is the value of your eDPI.

DPI Used By Shroud

Shroud currently uses a 400 DPI. He's been using this DPI for over a year since he's become used to his gaming mouse and loves the constancy. Shroud has a DPI of 400 on both the X and Y axes.

While DPI affects mouse sensitivity, understanding how mouse sensitivity affects popular in-game abilities should be enough to help you establish what an appropriate amount is.

Both professional and amateur, FPS players often strive to keep their DPIs between 400 and 800 DPI. When discussing effective DPI, they tune the in-game sensitivity to stay within that range.

You could also utilize greater DPIs and lower the sensitivity to obtain more precise tracking, but you won't rotate 360 with a single twitch of the wrist with that sensitivity.

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