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slang and lingo have been a part of game culture since its inception. These terms and phrases have evolved over time, adapting to new games and gaming communities. Understanding gaming terms and language is crucial for players who wish to communicate effectively with fellow gamers and fully immerse themselves in the gaming world. One popular and enduring term in gaming communities is o7, which this article will explore in greater detail.

What does o7 mean?

The term o7 is a simple emoticon, used primarily in the gaming world to express respect or salutation. The “o” represents a person's head, and the “7” represents their arm in a salute gesture. The origin of this unique term is largely unknown, but it is believed to have started in the community of the sci-fi MMORPG game EVE Online, where it is still widely used.

In the gaming world, o7 is typically used by players to greet or show appreciation for one another, particularly in text-based communications such as chat rooms or in-game messaging systems.

Purpose and significance of o7 in gaming

The use of o7 serves several purposes in the gaming community:

1. Conveying emotions in text-based interactions: In the absence of face-to-face communication, text-based interactions can often feel impersonal or lack the warmth of in-person conversations. Emoticons like o7 help players express emotions and sentiments in a concise and easily recognizable manner.

2. Strengthening camaraderie among players: The act of saluting one another with o7 is a sign of respect and recognition between gamers. This simple gesture helps build camaraderie and friendship among players who may otherwise have limited opportunities for interaction.

3. Enhancing immersion and role-playing experiences: In games that emphasize immersion and role-playing, using o7 helps players maintain the atmosphere and mindset of their in-game characters. By engaging in the same routines and courtesies as their avatars, players can enhance their overall gaming experience.

How to use o7 correctly

Using o7 appropriately is essential for maintaining respectful relationships with fellow gamers. Here are some general guidelines for using o7 in gaming contexts:

1. Identifying suitable situations for using o7: Familiarize yourself with the specific game and its community guidelines before using o7 or other emoticons. Certain games may have different conventions or discouragements for using specific terms or phrases.

2. Being respectful and sincere when using o7: Use o7 to convey genuine respect, greeting, or gratitude. Using o7 sarcastically or mockingly can cause misunderstandings or hostility within a gaming community.

3. Observing guidelines and etiquette for in-game communication: Always follow the rules and customs of the game you are playing. Keep your interactions polite, respectful, and focused on maintaining positive relationships with other players.

Similar terms and emotes in gaming

Emotes are short text or image-based symbols that represent emotions or actions, often used in gaming and online communities to convey feelings or intentions. Some other common gaming emotes and terms include:

1. gg: Short for “good game,” typically used at the end of a match or round to acknowledge the enjoyable competition between players.

2. glhf: Standing for “good luck, have fun,” this term is commonly used at the beginning of a game to wish fellow players an enjoyable and fair experience.

3. wp: An abbreviation for “well played,” which is a gesture of praise or acknowledgement for an opponent's skill or strategy during a game.

Understanding and appropriately utilizing these terms and emoticons will contribute to a positive and respectful gaming environment.


Understanding gaming language and terms, such as o7, is a critical aspect of fully engaging in the gaming world. By using these terms and emoticons respectfully and accurately, players can foster friendly and immersive gaming environments. Ultimately, the origin and application of o7 serve as a reminder of the shared camaraderie and values within gaming communities.


1. What is the meaning of o7 in gaming?
In gaming, o7 is an emoticon used to represent a salute, showing respect or greeting fellow players in text-based communications.

2. Where did the term o7 originate?
The exact origin of o7 is unknown, but it is believed to have originated within the EVE Online gaming community.

3. Are there other terms similar to o7 in gaming?
Yes, other commonly used terms in gaming include gg (good game), glhf (good luck, have fun), and wp (well played).

4. How can I use o7 correctly?
Use o7 to genuinely express respect, greeting, or gratitude in appropriate situations, maintaining a respectful and positive gaming environment.

5. Can using o7 incorrectly lead to misunderstandings?
Yes, using o7 sarcastically or mockingly can potentially cause misunderstandings or hostility within a gaming community.

6. What is the purpose of using emoticons like o7 in gaming?
Emoticons like o7 help to convey emotions, strengthen camaraderie among players, and enhance immersion and role-playing experiences.

7. How can I better understand gaming language and terms?
Familiarize yourself with specific games and their communities, follow etiquette and communication guidelines, and learn from fellow players and online resources.

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