Unveiling the Mystery: How Much Does a 85 Inch TV Weigh?


The taste for large-sized televisions has grown in popularity, making a gigantic statement in many homes today. These cinematic experiences cater to a preference for larger-than-life entertainment right in your living room. However, the bigger the television, the heavier it tends to be. It's crucial to understand the weight of your television, particularly when dealing with an extravagant size like an 85-inch. This article reveals the mystery of just how much an 85-inch weighs, and other factors of owning one.

About 85-inch TVs

An 85-inch television is like owning a small cinema. The TV measures diagonally from corner to corner, meaning the screen is a whopping 85 inches across. This is equivalent to approximately 7 feet of screen! Of course, the majesty of such a huge TV brings a unique viewing experience, it brings movies and TV shows to life.

However, the downside of owning this kind of a television is that it demands a considerable amount of space. Not to mention, the weight that comes with such a large gadget is something homeowners need to be prepared for.

General Weight Specifications for 85-inch TVs

The average weight of an 85-inch TV can vary between 80 to 120 pounds, depending on the brand and model. The weight can be influenced by diverse factors, like the material used for the frame and screen. Some TVs have hard plastic or metal around the side, which adds weight.

The presence of built-in components like speakers and smart tv firmware can also increase weight. Moreover, different brands have varying weight specifications. For instance, an 85 inch Sony XBR85X900F weighs around 101.4 pounds, an LG 7 series 85 inch TV comes in at 99.6 pounds, while a Samsung QN85Q80T weighs about 95.7 pounds. Therefore, exact weights may vary slightly, but you can expect your 85-inch TV to be quite hefty.

Importance of Knowing the Weight of an 85-inch TV

Understanding the weight of your 85-inch TV is crucial, particularly for installation. The weight can pose a risk for wall mounts and safe installation procedures must be followed to avoid damages or accidents.

Also, it is of prime importance when considering safety. A falling TV can cause a significant accident, so knowing the weight can help you take appropriate precautions and ensure that it's secured properly.

Finally, understanding the weight can be vital for transportation purposes. When moving the TV, you need to consider the potential difficulty and risk for damage. The weight can also affect the cost of moving, especially if professional help is required.

Handling and Installation Tips for an 85-inch TV based on Weight

When it comes to installing your mammoth 85-inch TV, make sure you have help, as the weight can make it a two-person job. For wall-mounting, use high-quality brackets rated for the weight of your TV. The wall mount's ability to handle the weight is crucial for the safety of your home.

When moving the TV, always lift with your knees and not your back, to avoid injury. Use a dolly or trolley where possible.

Lastly, ensure the television stands are robust enough to hold the TV securely. This safety measure protects you, your family, and your investment.


The hefty size and cinematic experience of owning an 85-inch TV certainly make it a spectacle. However, understanding the average weight, the importance of considering it for installation, safety, and transportation purposes, as well as useful handling, and installation tips based on weight provides the full picture. While the weight may be a factor for consideration when getting your own 85-inch, there's little doubt that its benefits truly outweigh the physical weight.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What brands produce 85-inch TVs and what is the average weight?

Brands like Sony, LG, and Samsung produce 85-inch TVs. The average weight of these TVs may vary but typically ranges from 80 to 120 pounds.

How do I install an 85-inch TV safely considering its weight?

Ensure you use high-quality wall mounts rated for the weight of your TV. Always have assistance for installation due to the hefty weight.

What precautions should I take to avoid injuries when handling an 85-inch TV?

Always lift heavy items with your knees, not your back. Use equipment like dollies or trolleys where possible.

Can the weight of a TV affect its performance?

No, the weight of a TV does not impact its performance but can affect its handling and installation.

Is it easy to transport or move an 85-inch TV due to its weight?

Due to its heavy weight, moving or transporting an 85-inch TV might require professional help or special equipment.

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