Unlocking VRChat Status: A Comprehensive Guide on How to Get Trusted User Status in VRChat


Engaging in a Virtual Reality (VR) community can be an exciting way to interact with people from across the globe. One of the leading platforms that have revolutionized VR socialization is VRChat. Understanding VRChat and knowing how to become a trusted user is vital for an enjoyable and safe VR experience.

Definition of VRChat

VRChat is a free-to-play multiplayer online virtual reality platform, where users can interact with each other through avatars. These avatars can be customized to express the user's identity, and they can join different chat rooms for conversations or activities.

Importance of Becoming a Trusted User in VRChat

Becoming a trusted user in VRChat allows you to open up countless opportunities for creating and storing content, interacting with other users, and establishing positive relationships within the community.

Understanding the VRChat Trust System

This section unravels the concept of the VRChat trust system, discusses its potential benefits, and provides a summary of different trust tiers.

Explanation of the VRChat Trust System

The VRChat Trust system is a ranking mechanism designed to foster a safe and respectful community. Each user is assigned a trust level, which indicates their standing within the VRChat community.

Importance and Benefits of Being a Trusted User

Being a “trusted user” in VRChat is beneficial as it provides the ability to upload more content and gives the user increased standing and recognition. This credibility can enhance your overall VRChat experience.

Basic Rundown of Different Tiers in the Trust System

The trust system in VRChat consists of several tiers, ranging from “Visitor”, the starting rank, to “Trusted User”, the coveted status. Each step up means more privileges and potential influence within the VRChat community.

Steps to Become a Trusted User in VRChat

Achieving a “Trusted User” status involves several practical steps such as account creation, regular interaction, and avatar design.

Creating Your VRChat Account

First, you need to sign up for VRChat, a straightforward process involving providing a username, email, and password.

Importance of Regular Activity and Interaction

One of the keys to moving up in the trust ranks is regular and positive activity. Participating in VRChat consistently and interacting well with other users can accelerate your ascension to trusted user status.

Steps to Create Your Avatar and Custom Worlds

Customizing your avatar and creating your unique worlds can also contribute to your progression. VRChat offers tools for designing personalized avatars and 3D spaces, which can be a factor in increasing your VRChat trust level.

The Role of User Behavior in VRChat Trust System

This section sheds light on how user behavior contributes to the VRChat trust ranking.

Examples of Positive Behaviors That Contribute to Trust Ranking

Adopting behaviors such as helping newcomers, reporting inappropriate activities, and playing fair can contribute to improving trust ranking.

How Negative Behaviors Can Lead to Penalties or Reduced Trust

Negative behaviors, such as trolling, harassment, or violation of community norms, can lead to penalties and degrade your trust level.

Extra Tips to Improve Your Trust Level

Continuous improvement requires ongoing contributions to the VRChat community and regular updates.

Contributions to the VRChat Community

Making valuable contributions to the VRChat community, like creating unique content or hosting engaging public rooms, can help improve your trust level.

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The Relevance of Updating Your VRChat Software Regularly

Keeping your VRChat software up-to-date ensures you're using the latest features and improvements, potentially positively impacting your trust level.


Becoming a trusted user in VRChat is a rewarding journey, involving consistent participation and positive behavior. You can unlock exciting opportunities, earn respect within the community, and make the most of the VRChat experience once you become a trusted user.


How Long Does It Take to Become a Trusted User in VRChat?

There's no precise timeline for achieving Trusted User status, as it largely depends on the quality and frequency of your interactions, community contributions, and overall VRChat engagement.

Can My Trust Level Degrade?

Yes, engaging in negative behaviors or violations can reduce your trust level.

Can I Skip Levels and Become a Trusted User Immediately?

The trust ranking system doesn't allow skipping of levels; however, consistently positive behavior and active participation can accelerate the progress.

What Are the Consequences of Violating VRChat Community Standards?

Violating VRChat Community Standards can lead to penalties ranging from warnings, temporary freezes, to permanent bans.

Is There Any Direct Way to Contact VRChat Staff for Trust Level Evaluation?

No, the VRChat team doesn't provide a direct way to request or accelerate a trust level evaluation.

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