Unlocking Prime Perks: Your Ultimate Guide to Getting Prime Gaming Access


Prime Gaming is a popular subscription service that provides its members with an array of benefits, such as free games, exclusive in-game content, and a complimentary Twitch channel subscription. This guide will assist you in understanding the differences between Amazon Prime and Prime Gaming, setting up your Amazon and Twitch accounts, accessing Prime Gaming benefits, making the most of your subscription, and troubleshooting any issues you may encounter.

Understanding Amazon Prime and Prime Gaming

Amazon Prime Benefits

Amazon Prime is a paid subscription service that grants members access to various perks, including free two-day shipping, unlimited access to streaming movies and TV shows on Prime Video, unlimited music streaming, and more.

Prime Gaming as part of Amazon Prime

Prime Gaming is included with any Amazon Prime subscription. Formerly known as Twitch Prime, Prime Gaming is Amazon’s way of providing gaming-related perks to its members. By subscribing to Amazon Prime, you’re automatically eligible for Prime Gaming benefits.

Differences between Twitch Prime and Prime Gaming

Although Twitch Prime and Prime Gaming are often used interchangeably, there are a few key differences to note. The most significant difference is that Prime Gaming offers a more diverse range of gaming-related benefits, such as free in-game content and exclusive promotions. Twitch Prime, on the other hand, focused more on Twitch-specific benefits, such as ad-free viewing and a free channel subscription.

Creating an Amazon Prime Account

Signing up for an Amazon account

To get started with Amazon Prime and Prime Gaming, you’ll need to create an Amazon account. Visit the Amazon website, click on the “Accounts & Lists” menu, and then click “Sign in.” From there, select “Create your Amazon account” and fill out the required information.

Upgrading to Amazon Prime

Monthly and Annual Subscription Options

After creating your Amazon account, you can upgrade to Amazon Prime by selecting a monthly or annual subscription. Monthly subscriptions cost $12.99 per month, while annual subscriptions are billed at $119 per year.

Amazon Prime Free Trial

New Amazon members can sign up for a 30-day free trial of Amazon Prime. This trial includes access to Prime Gaming benefits.

Linking an Existing Amazon Prime Account

If you already have an Amazon Prime account, you can link it to your Twitch account to access Prime Gaming benefits.

Setting up your Twitch Account

Creating a Twitch Account

Before you can use Prime Gaming, you’ll need to create a Twitch account. Visit the Twitch website and click “Sign up” in the upper-right corner to create a new account with your email address or social media login.

Upgrading to Twitch Prime (Older Version)

If you have an existing Twitch account and want to access Prime Gaming benefits, you’ll need to upgrade to Twitch Prime (now Prime Gaming). In the past, you’d have to upgrade directly from Twitch, but now you can simply link your Twitch and Amazon Prime accounts to enable Prime Gaming.

Linking Twitch and Amazon Prime Accounts for Prime Gaming

To link your Twitch and Amazon Prime accounts for Prime Gaming, first sign in to your Twitch account. Then, visit the Prime Gaming website, and click “Link accounts.” Follow the on-screen instructions to connect both accounts.

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Accessing Prime Gaming Benefits

Monthly Game Loot

Each month, Prime Gaming offers a selection of free games for members to enjoy. You can find the current selection of games by visiting the Prime Gaming website and clicking on “Games with Prime.”

Free Game Content

Downloading Games

To download a free game, visit the Prime Gaming website, click on “Games with Prime,” and select the game you’d like to download. Follow the on-screen instructions to download the game and add it to your library.

Redeeming In-Game Items and Bonuses

Prime Gaming also offers exclusive in-game items and bonuses for various popular games. To redeem these benefits, visit the Prime Gaming website, click “Loot Delivered,” and select the game you’d like to claim. Follow the on-screen instructions to redeem your loot.

Free Channel Subscription on Twitch

Selecting a Channel to Subscribe to

As a Prime Gaming member, you receive one free Twitch channel subscription per month. To use this benefit, visit the Twitch channel you’d like to subscribe to, and click the “Subscribe” button.

Utilizing the Free Subscription Every Month

Your free Twitch channel subscription does not auto-renew, so you’ll need to manually redeem it each month. Be sure to use your free subscription to support your favorite streamers regularly.

Making the Most of Prime Gaming

Staying Updated on New Loot Drops

To stay informed about the latest Prime Gaming loot drops and game offerings, sign up for email notifications or follow Prime Gaming on social media.

Maximizing the Use of Free Twitch Subscriptions

Take advantage of your free Twitch subscriptions by actively participating in your favorite streamers’ communities and exploring new channels to discover new content.

Suggestions for Popular Games to Use with Prime Gaming

Many popular games offer exclusive in-game content through Prime Gaming, such as Fortnite, Apex Legends, and League of Legends. Keep an eye on the Prime Gaming website for the latest game offerings.

Troubleshooting and Support

Dealing with Common Issues

Linked Accounts Not Syncing

If your Amazon Prime and Twitch accounts aren’t syncing properly, first ensure that they are linked correctly. If the issue persists, unlink and relink the accounts.

Missing Loot or Game Content

Ensure that you’ve claimed your desired Prime Gaming loot or game content on the Prime Gaming website. If you’re still experiencing issues, contact Prime Gaming support.

Contacting Twitch and Amazon Prime Support

For additional assistance, you can reach out to the Twitch or Amazon Prime support teams through their respective help centers.


Prime Gaming offers a vast array of benefits, making it an excellent investment for gaming enthusiasts. By following this guide to getting Prime Gaming, you’ll be able to utilize your subscription to its fullest potential. Don’t forget to join a Prime Gaming community for updates, tips, and discussions on maximizing your benefits.


What is Prime Gaming?

Prime Gaming is a subscription service included with Amazon Prime that offers members free games, exclusive in-game content, and a free Twitch channel subscription.

How do I get Prime Gaming?

To get Prime Gaming, you must have an Amazon Prime subscription and link it to your Twitch account.

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What benefits does Prime Gaming offer?

Prime Gaming benefits include free games, exclusive in-game content, and one free Twitch channel subscription per month.

How much does Amazon Prime cost?

Amazon Prime costs $12.99 per month or $119 per year.

What games are available on Prime Gaming?

Prime Gaming offers a variety of games, with new titles added each month. Visit the Prime Gaming website to view the current selection of games.

How do I claim my free Twitch channel subscription?

To claim your free Twitch channel subscription, visit the desired Twitch channel and click the “Subscribe” button.

How do I redeem my Prime Gaming loot?

To redeem your Prime Gaming loot, visit the Prime Gaming website, click “Loot Delivered,” and follow the on-screen instructions.

How do I stay updated on new Prime Gaming benefits and games?

Sign up for Prime Gaming email notifications or follow Prime Gaming on social media.

How can I contact Prime Gaming support for help?

Visit the Prime Gaming help center or the Twitch or Amazon Prime support teams for assistance.

Is there a Prime Gaming community I can join?

Yes, many online forums and social media groups focus on Prime Gaming. Consider joining one of these communities to stay informed on the latest updates, tips, and discussion regarding maximizing your Prime Gaming benefits.

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