Unlocking Perks: Comprehensive Guide on How to Get Nitro for Free on Discord


Today, we dive deep into one of the most sought-after resources for gamers and chat enthusiasts alike – Discord Nitro. As you navigate the wondrous world of chats and endless emoji fun, learning how to acquire this feature for free can be a game-changer. So buckle up as we dissect and explore ways on how to get Nitro for free on Discord, ensuring you are equipped to make the best of its exciting collection of features.

What is Discord Nitro?

Discord Nitro is essentially the premium subscription tier of the popular chat app, Discord. It grants users numerous additional features that take their Discord experience to another level, from animated emojis to high-quality sharing.

Understanding Nitro

To fully grasp how to get Nitro for free, it's paramount to comprehend what this versatile tool has to offer.

History of Discord Nitro

Discord Nitro was birthed back in 2017 as a progressive progression of the platform aimed at providing premium benefits within the platform to its dedicated users. Since then, it has turned into a highly sought-after element, enhancing Discord's interactivity and fun.

Perks and Benefits of Nitro

Being a Nitro subscriber opens the doors to numerous perks. From rich personalization options such as custom emoji, animated avatars, to a boosted upload limit, one could benefit immensely. Additionally, it provides gamers with a unique ability to stream their gaming escapades in exceptional quality.

Nitro Classic VS Nitro

The difference between Nitro Classic and Nitro lies in their feature offerings. Although Nitro Classic provides most of the great Nitro features, including high-quality screen sharing and customized user tag, Nitro takes it a step further with server boosting and 100MB upload limit.

Legitimate Methods to Get Nitro For Free

Desirous of experiencing these premium features without having to spend a dime? Below, we've curated some of the most reliable ways to get Nitro for free.

Gift from a Friend

Friends gifting you Nitro is the most straightforward and common method. A generous friend could purchase Nitro as a gift and share it with you.

Nitro Giveaways on Discord

Numerous server owners or community members host regular giveaways on Discord, providing an opportunity to winner to claim free Nitro.

Joining Discord Competitions

Discord also hosts occasional events or competitions where the winners typically receive Nitro as a reward. Keep an eye on Discord's accounts and website for any such events.

Nitro Rewards from Epic Games

Epic Games, from time to time, partners with Discord to offer Nitro rewards with some of its games. This gives gamers an opportunity to claim free Nitro.

Cautious Measures

As you pursue the quest of Nitro for free, beware of fraudulent schemes luring with false promises. Here's how you stay safe.

Steer Clear of Scams

Always remember, there is no shortcut to getting Nitro for free. Any method that suggests downloading or providing sensitive information for Nitro is a scam and should be avoided.

Risks of Unofficial Methods

Unofficial methods like Nitro generators carry great risks, including compromising your account or infecting your device with malware.

Identifying and Reporting Scams

Any platform asking for your Discord login credentials in exchange for free Nitro is likely a scam. Report such offers immediately to Discord's Trust and Safety team.

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Step-by-step Guide to Redeem Free Nitro

If you have been gifted Nitro or won it from some giveaway or event, follow this easy guide to redeem it.

Launch Discord App

Start by opening your Discord App on your device.

Find ‘Gift Inventory'

Proceed to your ‘User Settings' and locate the ‘Gift Inventory' section under ‘Discord Nitro'.

Redeem Nitro Gift

Click on the Nitro gift in your inventory, then click ‘Redeem'.

Activate Nitro

Confirm the pop-up message by clicking “Activate”, ensuring successful activation of your Nitro.


There you have it, we've just sailed through the legitimate ways of how to get Nitro for free on Discord. While these methods are exciting, remember to steer clear of scams and unendorsed channels. In the end, the safety of your account and experience should be a priority.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does free Nitro last?

Free Nitro typically lasts for a month, whether gifted by a friend or received as a reward.

Can I get free Nitro on mobile?

Yes, you can redeem free Nitro on mobile in the same way as you would on a desktop.

Why can't I redeem my Nitro reward?

Technical issues or an active Nitro subscription might prevent you from redeeming your reward. Contact Discord support if facing such an issue.

Is free Nitro safe to use?

Free Nitro obtained legitimately, such as through gifts or rewards, is entirely safe to use.

How to report a scam promoting free Nitro?

If you encounter a scam, report it directly to Discord's Trust and Safety team for appropriate action.

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