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Importance of knowing your laptop model

Whether you're a regular user or a tech-savvy professional, knowing your laptop's model number is important for a variety of reasons. Through the years, laptop manufacturers have evolved their product lines and created numerous models with specific configurations, making it critical for users to be well-informed about their own device.

Possible reasons for checking laptop model

There are several reasons why you may need to determine your laptop model, some of them include:

1. Purchasing compatible accessories: Computer peripherals, replacement chargers, cases, and other accessories are often designed for specific laptop models. Knowing your laptop model ensures that you purchase the right accessories for your device.

2. and technical support: Before providing solutions to or hardware issues, tech support teams need to verify the laptop model to better understand its configurations and offer accurate guidance.

3. Finding correct replacement parts: Laptop components like RAM or hard drives can differ between models, making it crucial to verify your model number before purchasing replacement parts.

4. Checking warranty status: If your laptop has a warranty, knowing the model number allows you to quickly confirm the warranty status and secure necessary or services.

Methods for identifying laptop model

There are several ways to find your laptop model. Here, we will discuss different methods, including checking the label on the laptop, accessing system information, visiting the manufacturers' websites, and contacting their support teams.

Checking the label on the laptop

Laptop models are often specified in labels located on the device itself, making it the easiest way to find the information.

Locating the label

There are two common locations for these labels:

a. Bottom of the laptop: The label is frequently found on the bottom case, near the battery compartment. You may need to flip the laptop over to access the information.

b. Inside the battery compartment: If the label is not visible on the bottom case, it may be located inside the battery compartment. You will need to turn off the laptop and carefully remove the battery to access this label.

Identifying the model number

Once you locate the label, look for information that is specific to your model. It could be listed as “model”, “model number”, “product”, “P/N” or “SKU”. The exact format may vary depending on the manufacturer.

Accessing system information on the laptop

You can also find your laptop model through your device's system information. The approach will depend on your laptop's operating system.


There are several ways to find your laptop model using the operating system:

a. System Information tool: Type “System Information” in the Windows search bar and press enter. In the window that opens, locate the “System Model” field under “System Summary”.

b. Command Prompt method: Open the Command Prompt by typing “CMD” in the search bar and pressing enter. Once the Command Prompt window opens, type “wmic csproduct get name” and press enter to reveal the laptop model.

c. Using the Settings app: Press the Windows key and “I” simultaneously to open the Settings app. Click on “System,” then “About,” and find the “Device Specifications” section. The laptop model will usually appear under “System Model”.


To find your laptop model on a MacBook or other macOS devices:

a. Apple menu: Click on the Apple logo in the top-left corner of the screen and select “About This ” from the dropdown menu. The laptop model will appear in the window that opens.

b. System Information tool: Click on the Apple logo and go to “About This Mac”, then click on “System Report.” The model identifier will appear under “Hardware Overview” in the “Model Identifier” field.

Checking laptop model online

Laptop manufacturers usually provide online tools to help users identify their device model using a serial number or service tag.

Manufacturer websites

You can visit your laptop manufacturer's website and navigate to their support or product identification pages. From there, you can either search for your laptop model or enter the serial number or service tag.

Entering serial number or service tag

After locating the required information on the label or system information, enter the serial number or service tag into the manufacturer's online tool. The website should generate the specific laptop model associated with those numbers.

Contacting laptop manufacturer's support

If none of the above methods work, reach out to your laptop manufacturer's support team for assistance.

Different options to contact support

Most laptop manufacturers provide multiple options to contact their support teams for assistance:

a. Phone: Check the manufacturer's website for a support hotline or customer service number.

b. Live chat: Some manufacturers offer live chat support on their website. You can initiate a conversation with a support agent to help identify your laptop model.

c. Email: Send an email to the manufacturer's support team, providing your laptop's serial number or service tag and requesting assistance in identifying the specific model.

Tips for verifying laptop model

It's always good to double-check the information you obtain through the methods discussed. Here are some tips for verifying your laptop model:

Comparing laptop specifications with those provided by the manufacturer

Once you've identified your laptop model, visit the manufacturer's website and compare the listed specifications with your device's features. This could help you confirm the accuracy of the information.

Identifying laptop product line

If you know the product line of your laptop (e.g., Dell Inspiron or HP Pavilion), you can narrow down your search by looking specifically for models within that line.

Checking laptop model series

often belong to a specific series, which can give you more clues to identify the model. The series name usually appears alongside the model number on the label or in the system information.


In summary, knowing your laptop's model is essential for various reasons, including purchasing compatible accessories, troubleshooting, and performing maintenance. There are multiple methods to check your laptop model, such as inspecting the label, accessing system information on the laptop, checking online using the serial number or service tag, and contacting the manufacturer's support team.

By following these guidelines, you can confidently determine and verify your laptop model, ensuring smoother future interactions with technical support or self-managed troubleshooting, repairs, and maintenance.


Q: How do I find my laptop model on the label?

A: Look for the label on the bottom of the laptop or inside the battery compartment. The model number should be listed with descriptors such as “model”, “model number”, “product”, “P/N” or “SKU”.

Q: How can I find my laptop model using the System Information tool in Windows?

A: Type “System Information” in the search bar and press enter. In the window that opens, locate the “System Model” field under “System Summary”.

Q: How can I find my laptop model using a MacBook?

A: Click on the Apple logo in the top-left corner and select “About This Mac” from the dropdown menu. The laptop model will appear in the window that opens.

Q: How do I find my laptop model using my serial number?

A: Visit the manufacturer's website, navigate to the support or product identification page, and enter the serial number when prompted.

Q: Can I find my laptop model using the Command Prompt in Windows?

A: Yes. Type “CMD” in the search bar, press enter, and type “wmic csproduct get name” in the Command Prompt window. Press enter to reveal your laptop model.

Q: How can I verify my laptop model after identifying it?

A: Compare the specifications listed on the manufacturer's website with your device's features, check for product line or series information, and consider contacting the manufacturer's support team for confirmation.

Q: How do I find my laptop model on a Windows computer without accessing the physical label?

A: In Windows, you can find your laptop model using the System Information tool, the Command Prompt, or the Settings app. Check the above sections for detailed instructions.

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