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Wireless have grown significantly in popularity over the past few years, thanks to their combination of convenience, comfort, and improved quality. As consoles continue to evolve, having a great pair of wireless headphones is essential for experiencing immersive game audio on devices like the PlayStation 5 (PS5). In this article, we will guide you on how to connect wireless headphones to the PS5, understand the console's audio capabilities, explore available headphone options, and offer tips for common connection issues.

Understanding PS5's Audio Capabilities

3D Audio technology

The PS5 utilizes a unique 3D Audio technology called Tempest 3D AudioTech, which enhances in-game soundscapes, making them more immersive and realistic. This technology can pinpoint specific sound sources, like footsteps or explosions, and accurately project their direction, distance, and depth within the virtual environment. By using compatible wireless headphones, you can experience the full scope of this innovative audio technology while gaming.

Compatible wireless headphone features

Not all wireless headphones are compatible with PS5's 3D Audio technology. For the best results, you should look for headphones that support advanced audio formats, like Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, or Sony 360 Reality Audio. Additionally, a good pair of wireless headphones should offer a broad frequency range, low latency, and active noise cancellation for an optimal gaming experience on the PS5.

Wireless Headphone Options for PS5

Official PlayStation 5 headset

The official headset for the PS5 is the PULSE 3D Wireless Headset. Designed specifically for the console, this headset offers a seamless connection process, excellent audio quality, dual hidden microphones, and complete compatibility with the PS5's 3D Audio technology.

Third-party options: Known compatible brands and models

There are also numerous third-party wireless headphones compatible with the PS5, including options from popular brands like SteelSeries, Razer, and Turtle Beach. Some known compatible models include the SteelSeries Arctis 7P, Razer BlackShark V2 Pro, and the Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Gen 2.

Connecting Wireless Headphones to PS5 via

Initial preparation: PS5 system settings

To connect wireless headphones to the PS5 via Bluetooth, first, navigate to the console's Settings menu. From there, select “Accessories” > “Bluetooth Devices” > “Add Device.”

Pairing mode for headphones

Next, ensure your wireless headphones are in pairing mode. This typically involves holding down a dedicated Bluetooth button until an LED indicator begins flashing, or a voice prompt confirms the headphones are ready to pair. Consult your headphone manual for specific instructions on how to enable pairing mode.

Establishing a Bluetooth connection between PS5 and wireless headphones

Once your headphones are in pairing mode, the PS5 should detect them in the “Bluetooth Devices” list. Select your wireless headphones from the list, and the console will establish a connection. To confirm that your headphones are connected, a blue circle with a headphone icon should appear next to the device name on the PS5.

Connecting Wireless Headphones to PS5 via USB Adaptor

Identifying USB adapters compatible with PS5

If your wireless headphones are not natively compatible with the PS5, you may need a USB adapter to establish a connection. Many wireless headphone manufacturers include a USB adapter specifically designed for their products. It's crucial to check for compatibility, as not all USB adapters will work with your PS5.

How to insert the USB adapter into the PS5 console

Once you've confirmed your adapter's compatibility, plug it into one of the PS5's USB ports. These can be found on the front and rear of the console.

Setting up the PS5 to recognize the USB-connected headphones

When the USB adapter is connected, the PS5 should automatically detect the headphones. If necessary, navigate to Settings > Accessories > Audio Devices, and ensure your wireless headphones are selected as the primary output source.

Configuring Audio Settings on PS5

Volume control and balance adjustment

After connecting your wireless headphones to the PS5, you can adjust the volume and balance settings through the console's Settings menu. Go to “Accessories” > “Audio Devices” > “Output Device,” and adjust the volume levels and balance according to your preferences.

3D audio settings and customization

To ensure you're getting the most out of the PS5's 3D Audio technology, navigate to “Sound” > “Audio Output” > “Enable 3D Audio” within the Settings menu. Additionally, you can customize your preferred 3D Audio profile under “Adjust 3D Audio Profile.”

Other important audio settings

Further customization options, such as controlling the sound mix between game and chat audio or enabling surround sound with a multi-channel setup, can be found under Settings > Sound. Explore these settings to tailor your gaming audio experience to your preferences.

Troubleshooting Common Connection Issues

Difficulty detecting wireless headphones

If your PS5 fails to detect your wireless headphones, ensure the headphones are in pairing mode and that the console's Bluetooth settings are actively searching for new devices. If the problem persists, try moving the headphones closer to the console, removing any potential sources of interference, or resetting the headphones according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Audio lag or cutting in and out

Occasional audio lag or signal disruptions are not uncommon when using wireless headphones. To minimize these issues, maintain a clear line-of-sight between your headphones and console, avoid using other Bluetooth devices in close proximity, and confirm your headphones are updated to the latest firmware version.

Incompatibility with certain games or applications

In some cases, wireless headphones may not function correctly with specific games or applications. If you encounter compatibility issues, consult the game's user manual or publisher's support resources to help identify and resolve the problem.


Connecting wireless headphones to your PS5 can significantly enhance your gaming experience. Following the step-by-step process outlined in this article will ensure a smooth connection while helping you understand your console's audio capabilities. Take the time to experiment with different audio settings and options to optimize your gaming audio experience further. Finally, we challenge you to share your favorite game audio moments after setting up your headphones on the PS5 – why not compare experiences with fellow gamers and discover the full potential of your console's audio?


Can I use any wireless headphones with the PS5?

While many wireless headphones are compatible with the PS5, not all can be connected or take full advantage of the console's audio capabilities. Look for headphones that support advanced audio formats and are confirmed compatible with the PS5's 3D Audio technology.

Do I need a separate microphone if my wireless headphones don't have one built-in?

If your wireless headphones don't have a built-in microphone, you will need a separate microphone for in-game chat and communication. Some players choose to use a desktop USB microphone or purchase a headphone attachment with a built-in mic.

Why is the audio lagging or cutting out on my wireless headphones?

Audio lag or signal disruptions can be caused by several factors, such as interference from other Bluetooth devices, obstacles between your headphones and console, or outdated headphone firmware. Ensure a clear line-of-sight, minimize the use of nearby Bluetooth devices, and update your headphones to the latest firmware to help resolve these issues.

Can I connect multiple wireless headphones to a PS5 simultaneously?

The PS5 does not support connecting multiple wireless headphones simultaneously for separate audio outputs. However, some headphones and adapters offer the ability to share audio with another listener, allowing two sets of headphones to play the same audio stream. Check your headphone manufacturer's documentation for specific sharing features.

Why can't I hear game audio through my wireless headphones?

If you can't hear game audio through your wireless headphones, confirm your PS5's audio settings have the correct output device selected, and the volume levels are appropriately configured. Additionally, ensure your headphones are connected to your console and functioning correctly with other audio sources.

How do I enable 3D Audio on my PS5?

To enable 3D Audio on the PS5, go to Settings > Sound > Audio Output > Enable 3D Audio. Customize your 3D Audio profile under “Adjust 3D Audio Profile” for the best results.

How do I charge my wireless headphones while using them with the PS5?

Typically, wireless headphones include a charging cable that can be connected to your PS5's USB ports while in use or during downtime. Confirm your headphone manufacturer's charging instructions and compatibility with the PS5's USB ports.

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