Understanding the Problem: Why Does My LG TV Keep Disconnecting from WiFi and How to Fix It?


Many LG owners experience a common frustration – the disconnection of their TV from their home Wi-Fi network. Smart TVs from LG, one of the world's leading manufacturers, offer a wealth of entertainment by harnessing the power of the . However, when LG TVs continually disconnect from Wi-Fi, it can become a worrisome issue, affecting the seamless enjoyment of entertainment and online activities.

Understanding the cause of frequent disconnection is vital so you can fix the problem and maintain a stable internet access. After all, for any Smart TV, a stable Wi-Fi connection is like its lifeblood, powering all its smart features from services, app functionality, to firmware updates.

Understanding LG TV and Wi-Fi Connection

No doubt, the modern LG Smart TVs are feature-packed, and one of their essential attributes is Wi-Fi connectivity. The Wi-Fi connection works by using your home's internet connection and linking it to the TV, allowing access to the internet on your television.

Certain specifications and features of LG Smart TVs are designed to optimize the Wi-Fi functionality. These include dual-band Wi-Fi supports, which can utilize both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz frequency bands, and certain models are equipped with Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac) or even Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) to improve speed and connection stability.

Possible reasons why LG TV disconnects from Wi-Fi

Several reasons could be behind your LG TV disconnecting from Wi-Fi. These include:

Weak Wi-Fi signals

Perhaps your Wi-Fi router is too far from your TV or there might be physical obstructions, like walls, that block signals.

Incorrect network settings

Mistakes in entering Wi-Fi credentials or wrongly configured DNS settings can disrupt the connection.

Router problems

Sometimes, the issue lies with the router itself where it could be struggling with performance or the firmware could be outdated.

Overloaded network

When too many devices hog your Wi-Fi network, it could result in a slower connection or frequent disconnections.

glitches or TV Firmware issues

Glitches with the television's software or outdated firmware could prevent it from maintaining a steady Wi-Fi connection.

Incompatibility issues with certain Wi-Fi frequencies

While LG Smart TVs are dual-band compatible, certain older routers may only distribute certain frequencies, causing disconnects.

Detailed options for each possible cause

Knowing the reasons behind the disconnections helps narrow down your approach to fixing the issue. Here's a rundown of the solutions:

Improving Wi-Fi signal strength

Relocating the router

Consider placing your router nearer the TV or in a central location in your home with less physical obstructions.

Using Wi-Fi extenders

Wi-Fi extenders can also help boost the signal strength and reach of your Wi-Fi network.

Adjusting TV antenna

In some cases, simply adjusting the built-in Wi-Fi antenna of the TV can improve connection.

Checking and correcting network settings

Ensure that the Wi-Fi credentials entered are correct and DNS settings are properly configured.

Assessing and resolving router problems

Inspect potential physical damages

Check if the router is physically damaged or visibly struggling to work.

Restart or Reset the router

Frequent restarts can sometimes resolve minor router issues. Do this by unplugging and replugging the router. A factory reset can be done if the problems persist.

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Update the router firmware

Check your router's software for any needed updates. Up-to-date firmware may help maintain a better connection.

Managing overloaded network and devices

Limit the number of devices connected to your Wi-Fi network to lessen the bandwidth usage.

Fixing potential software glitches

Resetting the TV

A simple restart of the TV could solve minor software glitches.

Updating TV firmware

Keep your LG Smart TV software up-to-date as it often includes fixes for various bugs and issues, including Wi-Fi problems.

Contacting LG Customer Service

If the aforementioned solutions do not work, contact LG customer service for further assistance.

Understanding and resolving incompatibility issues

Check your router's bandwidth settings. If it only supports 5GHz and your TV can't connect to it, switch to 2.4GHz instead, or vice versa.

Tips for maintaining a stable Wi-Fi connection on LG TV

Regularly updating the TV firmware

Routine updates ensure that bugs and issues are resolved timely.

Proper placement of the Wi-Fi router

Placing the router at a strategic position helps maintain a robust Wi-Fi signal for your TV.

Regular rebooting of the TV and Wi-Fi router

Routine restarts can refresh your TV and router, lessening the chance of disconnections.

Ensuring the Wi-Fi password is properly entered

Making sure that Wi-Fi details are correctly entered lessens the chance of disconnection due to incorrect credentials.


To summarize, there are several causes behind your LG TV disconnecting from Wi-Fi, from weak signals, incorrect network settings, router issues, overloaded network, software glitches, to incompatibility issues with certain frequencies. Understanding these causes, implementing solutions and maintaining best practices can ensure a stable Wi-Fi connection for seamless entertainment on your LG Smart TV.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why does my LG TV keep disconnecting from Wi-Fi even with a strong signal?

This could be due to incorrectly entered network details, issues with your router, software glitches, or incompatibility issues.

How can I correct my Network settings on my LG TV?

You can correct network settings by navigating to your TV's ‘Network' settings and ensuring the Wi-Fi details are correctly entered.

Can an overloaded network cause my LG TV to disconnect from Wi-Fi?

Yes, too many devices hogging the bandwidth at the same time could disrupt the connection or cause it to disconnect periodically.

How does a software glitch cause the TV to disconnect from Wi-Fi?

A glitch or outdated TV firmware can disrupt the seamless function of Wi-Fi, causing it to disconnect intermittently.

How do I resolve frequency incompatibility issues with my LG TV and Wi-Fi connection?

Check your router's bandwidth settings. If it only supports 5GHz and your TV can't connect to it, switch to 2.4GHz instead, or vice versa.

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