Understanding the Differences: Blink Doorbell Armed vs Disarmed Mode Features and Functions

Understanding the Differences: Blink Doorbell Armed vs Disarmed Mode Features and Functions

In the modern era of smart homes and devices, security gadgets like the Blink Doorbell have become a staple for homeowners. This intelligent piece of technology serves as more than just a doorbell. It's an extra pair of eyes, equipped with motion detection and live capabilities, providing an effective way to monitor your home. In this article, we'll be discussing the two key states that the Blink Doorbell operates in: ‘armed' and ‘disarmed'.

A Brief Overview of Blink Doorbell

The Blink Doorbell is a device developed by Amazon. Its sleek design, ease of installation, and impressive range of features have drawn many homeowners to adopt its services. One of the most significant aspects of this device is its ability to operate in two distinct modes: ‘armed' and ‘disarmed'.

Armed vs Disarmed: What Do They Mean?

These terms dictate the level of activity of your Blink Doorbell. When the device is ‘armed', it's on high alert, monitoring for any motion or activity within its field of view. In contrast, when it's ‘disarmed', the Doorbell is less active, subtly maintaining your home's security without actively monitoring for activity.

The ‘Armed' State of Blink Doorbell

When you set your Blink Doorbell to ‘armed' mode, it becomes a vigilant sentry. The device is active, ready to detect any movements or unusual activities. It's like having your own personal bodyguard right at your doorstep.

Benefits of the ‘Armed' Setting

Enhanced Security

With real-time motion alerts and the ability to capture and store clips, the ‘armed' mode provides ultimate security. You'll be immediately updated about any suspicious activity, even if you're miles away from home.

Real-time alerts

Any detected movement triggers an instant alert to your linked device, such as your smartphone. This lets you spring into action promptly when there's any commotion at your home.

Live-view feature

When direct alerts aren't enough, you can use the live-view feature to monitor your home in real-time. This gives you the ability to assess situations as they happen and respond accordingly.

Scenarios Best Suited for the ‘Armed' Setting

Arming your Blink Doorbell is ideal when you're not at home, whether that's during a long vacation or a short grocery trip. It's also useful at night, when homeowners become more vulnerable to unwanted attention or activity.

The ‘Disarmed' State of Blink Doorbell

When the Blink Doorbell is ‘disarmed', it switches to a more passive state. The device's detection and alert capabilities are turned off, but it still maintains a minimal level of monitoring.

Benefits of the ‘Disarmed' Setting

Privacy Assurance

Your Blink Doorbell respects your privacy. While in ‘disarmed' mode, the doorbell will not record or send alerts about any detected activity. This is ideal for instances when you want to ensure absolute privacy within your home.

Energy Conservation

Disabling active monitoring helps conserve the device's battery life, leading to a more efficient use of energy. It's a pragmatic choice when you're sure of your home's security.

Scenarios Best Suited for the ‘Disarmed' Setting

It's smart to disarm your Blink Doorbell when you're at home or when you're hosting parties and gatherings. This prevents the device from constantly sending notifications of detected movement and preserves your privacy.

Comparing ‘Armed' and ‘Disarmed' States

The key difference between these two states lies in the level of alertness and detection capabilities of the Blink Doorbell. While the ‘armed' state actively and alerts, the ‘disarmed' state conserves energy and maintains privacy. You can easily switch between the two modes via the Blink app, according to your needs and circumstances.

Best Practices and Recommendations

Mindful utilization of the ‘armed' and ‘disarmed' settings guarantees the best results with your Blink Doorbell. Arm the device when your home is empty or during the night for enhanced security. Disarm the Doorbell when you require privacy or want to conserve its energy.


Understanding the ‘armed' and ‘disarmed' states of the Blink Doorbell can significantly enhance your strategy. By knowing when to switch between the two modes, you can maximize the device's functionality and efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What happens when my Blink Doorbell is ‘armed'?

When armed, the Blink Doorbell actively monitors for any motion or activity in its view, sending real-time alerts to your linked device.

What happens when my Blink Doorbell is ‘disarmed'?

The ‘disarmed' status turns off your Blink Doorbell's alert feature, making it a passive monitoring device. This preserves your energy and provides privacy assurance.

Can I schedule when my Blink Doorbell is ‘armed' or ‘disarmed'?

Yes, you can easily customize a schedule via the Blink app, choosing when your Doorbell should be armed or disarmed.

Does the ‘armed' setting consume more energy than the ‘disarmed' setting?

Yes, as the ‘armed' state implies more active functioning, it consumes more energy compared to the ‘disarmed' state.

How can I effectively use both the ‘armed' and ‘disarmed' settings for my Blink Doorbell?

Strategically switch the states according to your requirement. Use the ‘armed' setting when away from home or during nighttime for enhanced security. Use the ‘disarmed' state when privacy or energy conservation is needed.

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