Who invented the home security system

Who invented the home security system

One cannot disagree with the effectiveness of home security systems or a smart security lock. From preventing unwanted or dangerous intrusions to providing a timely response in the instance of emergencies, these systems are designed to cater to all.

But have you ever wondered how these systems were developed? If yes, then continue reading as we enlighten you with how the first security system was invented and who was behind this invention.

The history of the home security system

The home security system is the invention of Marie Van Brittan Brown. Marie Van Brittan Brown was of African-American origin, and belonged to Queens, New York. She worked as a nurse and worked long hours and often returned late from work.

The area where she lived, was known for crimes and lawlessness, and she felt vulnerable and concerned for her personal safety, as the police in that area were not very reliable.

So Marie Van Brittan Brown decided to do something on her own. She joined hands with her husband, who was an electronics technician. She and Albert Brown worked together to develop a security system for her own home.

How the security system worked

Brown’s invention, the first home security system, comprised the sliding camera, television monitor, two-way voice communication system and four peepholes. These components formed a closed-circuit television system used for surveillance and termed CCTV.

Here is how Brown’s device worked.

The sliding camera was intended to capture multiple images of incoming people at the front door through the peepholes. The peepholes were located at different heights to capture images of people with varying heights.

Brown would use the two-way microphones to interact with the individual at her door. She also had remote-controlled door locks, which enabled her to open the door from a safe distance. There was also a button that allowed her to make emergency calls immediately to the security or police.

Marie Van Brittan Brown and her husband Albert Brown filed for the patent of the security system in 1969. She was also presented with an award from the National Scientists Committee to recognize her services.

The modern home security system

Marie van Brittan brown’s invention has become the basis of the development of modern home security systems.

Over time, technological advancements have led to the development of various home security systems equipped with advanced features for providing effective home security.

One example of an innovative security system is the wireless system, which is easy to install and provides a cost-effective solution for ensuring home security.