What you need to know about digital piano pedals

What you need to know about digital piano pedals

Whenever you look at a piano, the first thing you notice is perhaps the keyboard. Many digital piano players do not consider the significance of the pedal unit. However, if you have ever played on an acoustic piano, you may know the impact that piano pedals make. Keyboard pedals are a must-buy if you want to enjoy an authentic piano playing experience on your digital piano.

Piano pedals can help control and modify the sound produced by a piano. They can enrichen or dampen the sound according to the music requirements and enable the pianist to add variety to their performance. By learning how to use pedals in congruence with the keyboard through consistent practice, you can make your performance more profound and interesting.

Now that we have interested you let’s look at the various kinds of digital piano pedals.

Various kinds of digital piano pedals

1- Sustain pedals

The sustain pedal is usually on the right side of the pedals. It is also called the damper pedal as it causes the strings to vibrate until the pedal stays pressed. It does so by eliminating damper from strings. As a result, the notes continue to play until the vibration halts, or you let go of the sustain pedals. The sustain pedal is thus important if you want to sustain the notes at different instances in a song and add richness to the piano tone.

A good sustain pedal can make all the difference in how the sound is produced. Since digital pianos do not have strings or dampers, sustain pedals are designed specifically (switch-operated pedal) to create a similar effect to that of acoustic pianos. It is why most digital pianos have sustain pedals, and if you want to buy one, you need to do your research to get the best sustain pedal in accordance with your digital piano.

2- Una Corda pedal

Also called the soft pedal, the Una corda pedal is another commonly found pedal in digital pianos.

As the name implies, it is intended to make the sound softer and distant at the same time. Usually, when you play a grand piano, strings are struck by three hammers to produce sound from the digital piano. The Una corda pedal prompts two hammers into action instead of three to soften the sound.

3- Volume pedal

The volume pedals serve the same purpose for digital pianos as they do for an acoustic piano. When connected to the piano, they transmit a signal to the piano for lowering or raising the volume.

4- Sostenuto pedal

The term Sostenuto refers to sustain. However, its functionality is different from sustain pedals. It is the middle pedal in a grand piano, and musicians use it to sustain only the notes they want to.

Pedal purchasing considerations

If you are in the market for pedals, there are a few aspects you need to consider.

For instance, the material of the pedal unit. Your pedal must be made from durable materials so that it lasts for a long time. While some are made from chrome-plated metal, other pedals are made from hard plastic with rubber coating.

You also need to consider the design. You need to consider the convenience and size aspect depending on your user habits.



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