What Is Z-Wave Plus?

What Is Z-Wave Plus?

Z-Wave is a wireless technology that works through communication and a mesh network system. This kind of technology is quite commonly used for home automation, ensuring security, convenience and remote usage.

Z-Wave Plus, then, is a certification upgrade to Z-Wave that essentially works on the same principles but with certain additional and improved features. The Z-Wave Plus functionalities, in this case, continue to be compatible with other Z-Wave devices and products.

Here, you can go through the features that Z-Wave Plus offers as well as some improvements made to the technology.


The Z-Wave Plus technology and system offers the following features:

Power Usage

The Z-Wave Plus technology uses less power to operate even in connection to other devices and technologies around the house. This can make it an efficient choice in terms of energy savings as well as power bills.


Z-Wave Plus offers a high level of bandwidth, allowing it to pass along and receive a high amount of data and information in a short time period. In fact, as compared to its predecessor Z-Wave, Z-Wave Plus can offer 250% greater bandwidth.


Overall, since Z-Wave Plus has plenty of improved functionalities and easier usage, it is also much more convenient to understand, use and install in your house. This can quicken the process considerably.


Functioning on over-the-air (OTA) firmware, the process that delivers updates to the technology. This means that as and when the upgrades need to be installed, you will be notified about the same and carry it out wirelessly through a simple click.


Due to its improved bandwidth, Z-Wave plus is quite a stable technology. There are three radio frequency (RF) channels at work here. These can also minimize excess noise levels and ensure the proper functioning of the system.


When it comes to information, inputs and other relevant detail about the products and devices, Z-Wave Plus can easily store these through its data recording system that can then prove to be of importance when it comes to certification and upgrades.


Z-Wave Plus can offer plenty of dependability since it possesses an Explorer Frame network feature. This feature can allow it to withstand certain flaws and errors that may arise during regular usage. Fixing some of these issues or bugs on its own is also possible. This can keep it working for a long time.


Z-Wave Plus offers several improvements as compared to Z-Wave, such as the following.

  • Battery Life: The battery life is better than the Z-Wave by almost 50%, ensuring longer working hours.
  • Memory: Z-Wave Plus has an improved memory that can ensure better functionality.
  • Wireless Range: There is superior coverage and better compatibility with devices.
  • Controller: Turning the Z-Wave Plus function on in your controller can improve access, control and flexibility.

Parting Thoughts

It is now clear that Z-Wave Plus is an upgraded version of the Z-Wave wireless technology that you can make use of for automation. It has improved battery life, better wireless range, reliable and stable functioning and simple installation.