What is RTX (GPU)

What is RTX (GPU)

The Nvidia RTX is the first-of-its-kind real-time ray-tracing GPU. The technology is capable of revolutionizing the gaming world. This article sheds light on the RTX technology used by new-gen GPUs like the RTX 3080 and 3090 and understands what it does.

Understanding Ray tracing

Ray-tracing performance is the process of graphics production in a way that they replicate light’s physical behavior. The technology entails tracing the bouncing of light rays path, which enables rendering light, reflections and shadows by the computer to create a realistic scene.

In addition to improving the visual experience, ray tracing can also trace sound waves to produce echoes and provide an immersive gaming experience.

But you should check out Nvidia’s video on it for a complete picture:

Nvidia RTX technology

Ray tracing has been around for some time now as we saw its application in visual effects for cinematic productions. If you have seen the movie Monsters University, you know what we mean.

Gamers had to wait a little longer as Nvidia introduced its Nvidia GeForce RTX graphics cards in 2018. The technology was considered to possibly revolutionize the future of the gaming world as real-time ray tracing from the Nvidia GPUs was seen for the first time.

The 20-series Nvidia RTX computers graphics card enabled real-time frame rendering, which simulated light’s bouncing effect by utilizing real-time ray tracing capabilities. The RTX cards meant a whole new world of opportunities for game developers.

Soon after, AMD introduced its ray tracing technology GPUs. However, the price was a major concern and discouraged gamers. The high-end RTX 2080 Ti was priced at quite a hefty amount. Both AMD and Nvidia had a high-end range. However, after RTX 2080 Ti, Nvidia introduced RTX 3080 and other versions in the RTX series, which were reasonably priced.

RTX ray tracing technology application in gaming

In the past, game developers integrated light effects and shadows through illusions. However, with RTX cards, they could create proper reflections and impressive visual effects, providing an immersive experience to gamers.

Initially, not many games made use of RTX support in computer graphics. Some games that did were Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Metro Exodus, Battlefield V etc. Fast forward to the future, there was a major increase in the list after Gamescom 2019.

In addition to the Metro Exodus, Battlefield V and Shadow of the Tomb Raider, other games also incorporated ray tracing tech support. Some popular examples are Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Atomic Heart, World of Warcraft etc. Both Nvidia and AMD RTX graphics cards can cater to video games, but AMD graphics cards do not support all of these games.