Typewriter keyboard for iPad

Typewriter keyboard for iPad

The typewriter keyboard, a modern rendition of the classic typewriters, has integrated design elements intended to deliver data through electronic devices, including PCs and smart devices.

One version of this technology is the iPad typewriter keyboard. It is an innovative device that enables you to type directly on the tablet without using an actual keyboard. It can replace your system keyboard and looks and functions just like a typewriter.

This article looks at a few typewriter-inspired keyboards and highlights their features.

The RYMEK mechanical keyboard (wired and wireless keyboard)

The RYMEK*  has a classic design that supports Bluetooth wireless and USB connectivity. It functions across iOS, Windows and Android systems. You can connect it with iPhone, iPad Pro etc.

Moreover, it comes with an integrated tablet stand, making it convenient to support your phone or iPhone. The blue switch on the keyboard makes an audible clicky sound that provides a tactile bump.

The keyboard has an LED backlight that improves your typing accuracy even if you are working at night.

The USB typewriter

The USB typewriter can easily work as a keyboard for PC or Mac computers, tablets or iPad. The USB keyboard has Bluetooth features and allows you to connect to smartphones.

It gives the feel of typing on a vintage manual typewriter while enabling the convenience of modern computer features, including web browsing, word processing, e-mail etc.

The Qwerkywriter S typewriter inspired keyboard

The Qwerkywriter wired and wireless keyboard has a metal construction with a dual knob for volume and page scrolling. It has an integrated tablet stand that can support a device upto 12.9 inches.

The typewriter supports USB C and wireless connectivity. The design includes mechanical keycaps and a tactile mechanical switch. This typewriter-inspired keyboard is designed to function for a long time with long-lasting battery life.

The Wireless Bluetooth keyboard by MOFII

The wireless Bluetooth keyboard has colorful, removable round key caps and is visually appealing and enjoyable to use.

The keyboard is compatible with iPad, iPhone, tablets, laptops, PC, iOS and Android etc. It has an advanced in-built Bluetooth technology and has a long operating distance. Moreover, the stable Bluetooth capability enables swift channel switching among 3 devices.