Can I use a smart lock for an outdoor gate?

Can I use a smart lock for an outdoor gate?

Smart locks are digital locks that you can install on your doors for added security. These can then allow you to access, track and view updates through your phone in an effective manner.

Since there are so many smart locks out there for you to consider, a good option for you to look into can be the August Smart Lock.

Through this guide, you can go through additional details about installing a smart lock on your outdoor gate, things you should consider while doing so and how it can compare to traditional or standard locks.

How Does a Smart Lock Work?

Smart locks can allow you to get rid of physical keys when it comes to the locking mechanism, although you can still employ both in many cases as well.

With encryptions and security mechanisms in place, you can lock and unlock your outdoor gate through an app on your phone over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Does It Work Better Than a Typical Lock?

A smart lock can work better than a standard key lock in many ways since it can allow you to keep track of what’s going on near your door if you have reason to suspect any kind of theft or activity.

This can also be beneficial if you forget or lose your keys or do not remember if you locked the gate.

Things You Should Consider

Keep the following things in mind if you are considering a smart lock for your outdoor gate.

Weather Protection

The smart lock that you buy should have a weather protection mechanism in place, especially since you want to use it for your outdoor gate. This can help ensure that you can get the same kind of efficiency and security guarantees even when the weather is rough.


Generally, smart locks can act as an addition to your deadbolt locking system. To allow this, you must ensure that the alignment on your outdoor gate should be accurate to facilitate easy movement. The locking system in place should also be operable and effortless.

Remote Tracking

Remote tracking is one of the most important elements of a smart lock since it can allow you to lock and unlock the gate remotely. Further, using a smart lock that also has a camera attachment can allow you to view the activities taking place outside your outdoor gate through your phone app.


The connection should take place using either Bluetooth or your Wi-Fi. This means that you will need to ensure that the smart lock you install is compatible enough with the version of your connectivity method.


Make sure that you understand the installation process. Usually, the smart lock comes with mounting hardware and instructions that can allow you to carry this out yourself. Make sure these are compatible with your existing lock and gate.


The smart lock on your outdoor gate can and should provide good compatibility and versatility with different devices and systems.

Final Remarks

Those were some of the functionalities, features and advantages of using a smart lock for your outdoor gate. Make sure you keep the aforementioned considerations in mind as well.