YSK: How to use binoculars

YSK: How to use binoculars

Want to use your binoculars properly to enjoy their maximum potential?

You need to read this!

This article provides useful tips and will help you find out how to use binoculars properly. You might be surprised how much difference a few changes in the details can make.

So without further ado, let’s get started!

Tips on how to use binoculars

You might not know it, but you might have been holding your binoculars the wrong way all this time and missing out on taking full advantage of the gadget. Don’t worry, as we are here to help.

If you want to get a clear image, your binoculars might need adjusting according to your eyes. So firstly, consider a stationary object and stand at a distance of 30 feet away from it and follow the following steps.

  • The first consideration is eye cups. Like most binoculars, if yours have eyecups on the eyepiece, you need to adjust them. If you wear glasses, the eye cups should be down and vice versa.
  • center hinge connects the eyepiece lenses and allows them to move. To adjust binoculars to your eyes, first, pull apart the two eyepieces and spread them. Now bring them closer until the two circle visions in the eyepieces become one.
  • You may also notice a central focus wheel on your binocular, which adjusts focus for the two eyepieces simultaneously, and you can use the focus wheel to adjust the vision every time you want to view a different thing.
  • Often the right eyepiece on most binoculars has a small adjustment wheel, also called the diopter adjustment ring. You can use it to set specifically for your eyes.
  • Turn the central focus wheel and the diopter ring in a counter-clockwise direction. Whichever eyepiece has the diopter adjustment ring (mostly right), cover it and use your left eye to look through the left eyepiece. Turn the wheel until the object you set is in focus, and you get a sharp image from the left eyepiece.
  • Now use your right eyepiece and look at the sign with the right eye. If required, use the diopter adjustment ring to bring the object in focus.

From thereon, whenever you need to use binoculars, you just need to adjust the focus wheel.

Using binoculars for viewing

Now that you have an idea about how to use binoculars, you can apply the learning to viewing distant objects or creatures, for instance, birds. Once you see the bird with your naked eyes, raise your binoculars to your eyes, all the while looking at the bird so that you can find it when you use binoculars. Now adjust the center focus of the binocular to get a clear view.

This is how you use the standard binoculars. If, for instance, you have night vision binoculars, you will need to activate the IR first and set a level according to the required image brightness. Now turn the focus wheel to adjust and focus the picture and zoom to magnify the object.

Video we found that goes into great detail on the topic: