How to tell if G-SYNC working

How to tell if G-SYNC working

What is G-SYNC, and what does it do?

G-Sync refers to a display technology used in PC and gaming monitors. G-SYNC technology is designed to improve graphical performance and curtail screen tearing or stuttering, particularly in gaming laptops when playing fast-paced games or videos. For G-SYNC to get working properly, it is important to connect the display to a system having a compatible computer’s graphics card (Nvidia or third party G-SYNC compatible GPU)

How to check if G-SYNC is enabled

If you are an active gamer, who plays fast-paced games or want to reduce tearing on your monitor, you need to enable G-SYNC.

To check if it’s actually enabled on your PC, you to the Nvidia Control Panel and under “Display” you should see “Setup G-SYNC”. Click on that to see if G-SYNC has been enabled for your system.

If it’s not enabled, simply checkmark the  “Enable G-SYNC, G-SYNC Compatible” field and select “Enable for full screen mode”.

If you want to test if G-SYNC is working properly you can download one of the Nvidia G-SYNC demos here and run it:!/g-sync

Video we found that showcases how to do it (it really is quite simple):