How to make remote control cars faster

How to make remote control cars faster

If you are an RC car enthusiast, you may be fond of experimenting with it as well. If it is still running the standard mode, you may be wondering about how you can make it run faster and compete better with your peers and get more thrill out of the experience. The good news is that most RC cars can be modified to achieve higher speeds.

So here are a few simple methods to integrate upgrades and make your RC car run faster.

Effective ways to make remote control cars faster

Here are five simple ways to make the remote control cars run faster. However, consider your RC car model to ensure compatibility with the upgraded components before considering any of these upgrades.

1- Changing the gear ratio

One quick and convenient method to alter the RC car’s speed performance is to change the gear ratio. It will instantly make the acceleration faster or top speed higher, and you will find a visible difference by changing the gear ratio.

So, if you want to make your RC car faster through the gear ratios, here is what you need to do.

  • For a higher top speed, choose a larger pinion gear (has more teeth) and smaller spur gear (has less teeth). However, a higher top speed implies a lower acceleration and a higher motor temperature.
  • On the other hand, you need a smaller pinion gear and a larger spur gear if you want faster acceleration. While it will result in a lower top speed, it will provide more acceleration and enable cooler running temperatures, thus extending the motor’s life.

While the higher top speed configuration is more suited for longer runs, the faster acceleration modification is more suitable for shorter distances.

2- Upgrading the motor

An upgraded motor is another effective way of altering the RC car speed. While as a beginner, you may have been using a brushed motor, if you are vying for an upgrade, you can opt for a brushless motor.

While a high-performance brushless motor will surely provide a speed boost and give more power to your car but brushless motors are challenging to drive since they entail complex steering and suspension and are also more expensive. So, if you are still learning your way around the RC car, you may want to steer away from the brushless motor and stick to brushed motors instead.

3- Changing the tires

The next method to make radio-controlled cars go faster is to change their tires. The key is to choose the right tire according to the surface. For instance, if you drive on the road or tarmac, slick tires are a better option. However, if you drive on slippery roads or mud, tires with full spikes are more suitable.

Another important consideration is using high-quality tires. If you go for cheap tires instead of premium tires, you will soon be looking to replace the tires again.

4- Upgrading the batteries

The fourth recommended method is to upgrade the Ni Mh battery pack to Lipo batteries. They are lighter and can also give more power to your RC car.

If you have a Lipo battery, you can consider switching from 2-cell to 3-cell Lipo. Remember that RC cars powered by 3-cell Lipo will be harder to drive as they are more powerful.

5- Make your RC car lighter

Another consideration is to replace the heavier parts of your RC car with components made from lighter materials such as light carbon or aluminum. It will reduce the car’s weight and enable it to run faster.

So, here are five methods to make your RC car go faster. More importantly, the key to driving your RC car faster is to practice as much as possible to ace the speed control and hone your driving skills.


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