How to empty the Shark cordless handheld vacuum

How to empty the Shark cordless handheld vacuum

The Shark cordless handheld vacuum cleaner (e.g. Shark WandVac) is a powerful, lightweight device designed to provide swift cleaning with minimal effort.

Equipped with strong suction ability, the device can clean the mess in no time at all and is quite ideal for cleaning up high as well.

While small in size, it is quite powerful and offers incredible cleaning services.

Keeping it clean

Like any other electronic device, it is important to ensure maintenance of your Shark cordless vacuum so that it continues to perform optimally and to clean it regularly is an important part of its maintenance regimen.

Since the Shark cordless vacuum is a small handheld device, it has a limited battery time and a small dust cup which is prone to filling up fast depending on the nature of the cleaning activity.

Here are a few simple tips for emptying the cordless vacuum in no time at all.

Empty the dust cup

First, to empty the vacuum dust cup, turn off the power and open the dust cup by sliding the release button. Gently tap on the filter screen so that dust and debris are removed from the cup. Now use a cloth to clean the dust and debris from the filter.

If you want to clean the dust cup and filter thoroughly, here is how you can do it.

Clean the dust cup

Keep the vacuum powered off and the dust cup open. You will see a latch for filter release on the handle bottom. Press it to release the filter and take out the filter housing. The filter housing has two tabs on both sides; press them to pull the filter out.

Now using lukewarm water, clean the vacuum dust cup and filter and let them air dry. Once completely dried, put the parts back in. For the filter, slide it into the housing and gently press it, so it is fixed in its place.

Empty the wand or vacuum to remove any blockage

If you feel the vacuum or the wand has any blockage due to debris stuck inside, turn off the vacuum and check the entryway of the vacuum to the dust cup and remove debris, if any. Similarly, for the wand, check the openings to remove any dust or debris stuck inside.