How To Clean A Desk Pad/Desk Mat

How To Clean A Desk Pad/Desk Mat

When we dust off our keyboards and monitor screens, we often forget that a desk pad/desk mat also needs to be cleaned because the fabric is prone to absorbing dirt, sweat, grease, etc., over time with use.

How To Clean a Desk Pad

There are two ways to restore the appearance of your mouse pad. The first one is simple to complete at home, and here’s how to do it:

Do It Yourself

Fill the sink or a small bath with warm water and some dish or hand soap. Put your mousepad in the sink or water and use a sponge to massage the mousepad surface to avoid harming it gently; however, if the stains are tenacious, you may use a little more pressure.

After you’ve removed all of the cruds, give the mousepad a good washing and make sure there’s no soap remaining on it.

You can then pat it dry and set it out in a spot that gets a lot of light and is airy for 24-36 hours, and then it’s ready to use!

Washing Machine

Not all mousepads can be cleaned in the washing machine, so make sure you double-check before throwing your desk pad in the laundry.

Place your mousepad in the washer with a dab of soap or ordinary detergent. Set your washing machine to cold, low spin, and avoid using hot water to avoid damaging the mousepad.

After you’ve finished, let it air dry for at least 24-36 hours before using it. You may use any approach you like, and the end outcome will be the same.