How much does home security cost

How much does home security cost

An effective home security system can prevent your house from unwanted intrusions and break-ins and avoid catastrophic incidences in certain instances too. The knowledge that you and your loved ones are safe and protected brings peace of mind, and it is why the investment you make in getting a home security system is considered worth it.

If you are wondering about the average cost of a home security system, continue reading below.

Home security system cost breakdown

A home security system does not entail a stand-alone cost. Rather, the expenses can be broken down into multiple aspects, as discussed below.

Home security equipment costs

The first factor we need to consider is the upfront equipment costs. Home security equipment constitutes one of the biggest expenses of the overall home security system. Some basic equipment includes security cameras, alarm system, motion detectors, door and window sensors, a base station with the control panel etc.

However, their costs vary across the board, depending on the package and how advanced the security equipment is. The price may also go up as the size of the property increases. Therefore the home security equipment costs can go as high as $6oo depending on the home security packages.

Installation costs

The second price component, which is comparatively smaller than the rest, is the system installation costs. If you have opted for a DIY home security system, you can install and activate the system on your own. On the other hand, a professionally installed system will cost more, as the home security company will charge you a certain price for professional installation.

Depending on the equipment, the installation costs can vary roughly between $99 and $199. As for the activation fees, while some systems do not have any, others may cost as much as $200.

Monitoring services per month

There is a monthly monitoring fee associated with home security systems. Depending on the nature of the equipment and the home security company, the professional monitoring service charges may vary from $10 to $50 per month.

Maintenance expenses

While it may not be an immediate concern, you need to consider the maintenance charges you may have to incur in the future. This entails replacement batteries for motion detectors etc. Some home security companies provide regular maintenance at a certain price. However, you may not have to spend that much on maintenance in any case.

Cost variation factors

As you can see, the home security system installation costs vary according to the equipment, the brand and whether you opt for professional monitoring etc. In addition, the costs may also vary depending on whether you opt for a wired home security system or a wireless home security system. A wired home security system cost can begin from $800 and go as high as $1600. Similarly, a wireless home security system can cost between $200-$2000.