How fast can remote control cars go

How fast can remote control cars go

The RC car speed is perhaps one of the major differentiating factors when it comes to preferring a certain RC car over the other. Thrill-seekers would always go for fast RC cars and try the maximum speed before anything else. Thanks to advancements in technology, the remote control cars in today’s day and age will go faster than their counterparts in earlier times.

In this article, we briefly explore how fast can RC cars go, the relevant aspect of RC cars speed and what factors can impact the speed.

Speed of an RC car

The fastest RC car has been known to have a speed record of 200 mph. Many car enthusiasts get their RC cars modified to go as high as 100mph. However, nowadays, most RC cars go as high as 50-70 mph, which is also considerably fast.

The real vs. scale speed of RC cars

An important consideration in this regard is the real and scale speed of the RC cars.

The real speed is the actual speed of the RC cars. Toy-grade RC cars have a lower actual speed than hobby grade RC cars.

Moreover, nitro RC cars are considered the fastest RC cars, while electric cars are not far behind. However, now electric RCs can be modified for speed through dedicated kits, and nowadays, some electric cars go even faster than nitro cars.

The scale speed is considered the RC car’s speed in relevance to the actual car’s speed. For instance, if the RC car has a scale speed of 1:6, its speed is 1/6th of that of the actual car.

Factors impacting RC cars speed

How fast do RC cars go depends on various factors, including motors, size, gearing, battery type etc.

Motor and car size

To begin with, fast RC cars would have a brushless motor. A brushless motor is more efficient than a brushed motor as it prevents energy loss due to heat and noise. Moreover, smaller RC cars would be faster than bigger RC cars.

Gear ratio

Similarly, gearing is another aspect. If you are vying for a higher gear ratio, you need to have the smallest pinion gear and largest spur gear. This will give you higher acceleration but lower top speed. On the other hand, if you want higher top speed and slower acceleration, you need to aim for a lower gear ratio and choose the largest pinion gear and smallest spur gear.

 RC batteries

Lithium polymer batteries or lipo batteries are more suitable for speed as they give more power and offer low resistance. However, their battery discharges quicker than the nickel-based battery.