How does an electric snow shovel work

How does an electric snow shovel work

One of the major reasons many people dread the winter season is snow removal. It is laborious and time-consuming, but cannot be avoided, unfortunately. However, the task becomes much easier and quicker with innovative equipment like electric snow shovels.

This article sheds light on how does an electric snow shovel work. If you live in an area that receives heavy snowfall, you might be better off with a snow blower. It is, however, quite a hefty investment, and if your area receives moderate to light snowfall, an electric snow shovel is just what you need.

Why buy electric snow shovels

As suggested earlier, if your area does not receive heavy snow, buying an expensive snow blower does not make much sense.

In addition to being moderately priced, an electric shovel is lightweight and quite handy. Most electric snow shovels have an adjustable handle that makes them ergonomically convenient. The electric shovel can get the job done much quicker than a conventional snow shovel if you are in a rush.

How an electric snow shovel works

Simply put, electric snow shovels pick and throw snow on the side. Their mechanism is quite simple and is similar to single-stage snow blowers but on a smaller level.

The electric snow shovel is equipped with a single or double blade that functions to pick and throw snow through the discharge chute. A rotating paddle gathers up the snow and throws it aside. It is why some also call it the electric snow thrower.

Electric snow shovels work best with fluffy snow. If the snow is wet, it may not be that effective. It is better to start clearing snow early. If you let more snow gather and accumulate, it will become solid, and you may not be able to clear snow very easily.

Here’s a video from Snow Joe demonstrating the shovel:

Corded and cordless snow shovels

Unlike snow blowers, an electric snow shovel does not have multi-stage snow shovel variations and have quite a simple operation mechanism. One of the most prominent variations in electric snow shovels is the battery-powered cordless electric snow shovels and corded electric snow shovels.

Cordless electric snow shovels give you the liberty to move around and cover a larger distance. However, they are battery-powered and less powerful than corded models and need to be charged. So for a large scale snow removal activity, it may not complete the job in a single charge.

On the other hand, a corded electric snow shovel is more powerful and has a quicker start. The corded electric snow shovel also has a higher run time, but you will need an extension cord if you want to move beyond the cord length.