YSK: Are FM Transmitters Illegal?

YSK: Are FM Transmitters Illegal?

You might have heard that using an FM transmitter is illegal, but on what grounds? You can purchase one – you might even already have an FM transmitter. So how would you get in trouble using an FM transmitter, and why?

Today, we will answer your questions and explain how, why, and when FM transmitters are illegal to use.

Why Would Using an FM Transmitter be Illegal?

First of all, Bluetooth FM transmitters are very commonly used daily, and you can find many people with older car models using them. However, this was not always the case. For example, low-power FM transmitters were only made legal in December 2006 in the UK.

In the US, certain specifications and requirements dictate whether you can use an FM transmitter with or without a license. For example, all Part 15 certified FM transmitters can be used without a license by anyone across all the states. However, if you use an FM transmitter not part 15 certified without the required license, you will face heavy FCC fines.

How Would Using An FM Transmitter Be Considered Illegal?

The main thing to avoid when using an FM transmitter is to use it to broadcast your signal outside of personal entertainment and uses. It is completely illegal to broadcast anything as an unlicensed (pirate) radio station.

FCC has applied rigid laws surrounding the broadcast of any airwaves, and the fines are no less hefty. Therefore, if you want to broadcast, or operate as a radio station, you must get the appropriate documentation and license.

Additionally, you might also require licensing to operate on certain airwave bandwidths. For example, if a radio station works on a UHF frequency range of 446MHz, it can do so without a license.

If you have a regular, low-power FM transmitter for your car, you probably have nothing to worry about. However, it would be best to check with your country or state laws regarding FM transmission before purchasing any type of FM transmitters. Regardless, it is legal to stream music in your car using a small FM transmitter on the permissible frequency ranges.