Gaming Gloves – Are they worth the hype?


gloves have gradually progressed to becoming a requirement for various gamers. These gloves offer numerous benefits to their users, particularly those who often sit through long gaming sessions.

Gaming gloves are an ideal tool for a gaming enthusiast. These provide maximum grip, aid in helping with sweaty hands or cold hands during long gaming sessions, and above all, play a role in turning a gaming newbie into a professional by keeping their finger joints steady and quick as they work around the console and keyboard.

Gaming gloves commonly come with wrist support functions, sporty aesthetics, and all-weather-friendly fabric features. Moreover, these are made with moisture wicking material, which helps absorb any sweat that may accumulate from extensive gaming.

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Who Should Wear Gaming Gloves?

Gaming gloves are specifically designed for gamers who tend to operate the gaming console or PC for prolonged periods. These fulfill the purpose of eradicating the potential worry of having the console controller or mouse slip through at crucial moments due to sweaty hands. However, this is only one of the numerous purposes that these gaming gloves fulfill.

If you wish to play for a longer than your normal time duration, gaming gloves are the way to go. These also contribute to eradicating pain that may result from arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome while preventing the chances of acquiring these issues.

What Are The Pros Of Using A Gaming Glove?

There are certain reasons why using a gaming glove can be a viable experience for you due to the benefits it provides. Some of the benefits of using a gaming glove are:

Temperature Control

A great pair of gaming gloves keep your hands warm because performing certain tasks with cold hands can be nearly impossible. Certain functions such as typing, playing games, or working on your computer, in general, can be difficult if the muscles in your hands become stiff.

A pair of gaming gloves can eradicate this problem because of their temperature control feature. These ensure that your hands stay warm in cold climates while also ensuring that you don't experience sweaty hands due to extended gaming periods. Additionally, stress can also cause your hands to get cold, and these also help in preventing that.

Better Control

Gaming gloves help reduce friction because they have rubber grips on their palm. Therefore, they aid in steadying your hand movements and prevent the console controllers from slipping through your hands due to sweat. Additionally, fingerless gloves also improve your grip, and you can feel the buttons as you proceed to play games because of your exposed fingertips.

Wrist Support

Aching wrists, hands, arthritis, or carpal tunnel syndrome can result from holding onto gaming controllers for prolonged periods. Therefore, using the right gloves that provide wrist support can prevent these problems.

No More Blisters

Blisters can easily appear if you're experiencing extended gaming sessions for hours on end without any hand protection. You may have to say goodbye to an important tournament if you get a blister on your trigger finger. Therefore, gaming gloves can immensely reduce the chances of blisters.

Reduces Hand Cramps

Some of these gaming gloves can also be disguised as copper compression arthritis gloves because they negate the potential for wrist pain or other injuries. Compression gloves aid in keeping your hands warm and do not restrict your hand movements because of the breathable material.

What Are The Best Gaming Gloves On The Market?

When you're on the hunt to find the best gaming gloves, there are certain aspects that you should consider. The best gaming gloves are likely to have a snug fit and are made using fabric that still gives your hands room to breathe. Additionally, these gloves will feel good due to their comfortable fabric and moisture wicking properties as you immerse yourself in the world of gaming.

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The type of gloves you opt for depends on your level of usage and gaming activity. For example, your preference will aid in choosing between full finger gloves or fingerless gloves. Moreover, the technicalities of your gaming experience play a major role, i.e. whether they are touch-sensitive or not.

The other important factor that will impact your choice of gloves and make them the best fit for you would be whether you need them for PC gaming or console gaming. The right pair will cater to your complete gaming experience while aligning with your preferences.

However, we have two high-quality wrist support gloves in mind to cater to your prolonged gaming needs and help you out in your selection process. These are exceptional and continue to experience immense popularity within the market. Let's look into them, shall we?

Best Gloves For PC Gamers – The Ironclad MIBR Fingerless Gloves*

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Last update was on: September 18, 2023 1:43 am

Product Highlights 

The Ironclad MIBR Fingerless gloves* were especially designed for gaming enthusiasts upon recognizing the need to collaborate with competitive gamers. After thorough research and data collection from some top Esports athletes, Ironclad came up with a near-perfect design that aids in reducing friction while also enhancing gaming performance.


Each pair of these gaming gloves comes with sufficient ventilation and moisture-wicking properties to aid gamers in extensive gaming sessions without dealing with sweaty hands.

Their fingerless design offers immense support and lets your fingers operate with the same functionality that they would have if they weren't wearing a pair of gloves.

These gloves are half-finger and maximize your skill during your PC gaming session. Moreover, they have a silicone palm grip which further increases stability. These also come with extra padding for the wrist and are made with a breathable material.

Additionally, the glove sizes vary from XXS to XXL, ensuring that they fit comfortably. Their fingerless feature ensures that your bare fingers have room to breathe through the material as you continue your gaming journey.

What We Like

Ironclad's PC gaming gloves are considered among the top in the market. Although their design and functionality are fairly similar to that of the competitors, their quality is commendable, they are more comfortable, and can enhance your overall gaming experience.

What We Don't Like

It was hard to focus on a particular feature that wasn't worthy of appreciation. However, the gloves have a rather loud design, which could've been simplified for a more aesthetic look.


  • Play the perfect role of PC and console gaming gloves
  • Right pair with a comfortable fit
  • Designed specifically to fit all sizes


  • Relatively loud design

Customer Reviews

Customers consider its moisture wicking material one of its best features because sweaty hands are one of the main problems that arise from extensive gaming. Customers also appreciated the gaming gloves based on their ability to remain flexible, enhance reach, and prevent wrist pain. Additionally, customers regarded these as one of the best gaming gloves for keyboard and mouse gaming.

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Pain relief was a common cause of appreciation due to using these gloves. After consistent use, users reported pains before using it and a complete end to that pain after using them. A few features that stood out among the reviews included its fingerless design, moisture wicking fabrics, the relevance of use for PC gamers and pain relief.


Best Gaming Gloves For Console Gamers: Ironclad Full Finger Console Gaming Gloves*

$30.07 in stock
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Last update was on: September 18, 2023 1:43 am

Product Highlights 

The Ironclad full finger console gloves* are specifically designed for console gaming and have numerous redeemable qualities. These gloves are rated high for touch-screen compatibility, durability, and comfort. Its moisture wicking material helps with sweaty palms from extended gaming sessions. Additionally, these gloves are high precision and, therefore, offer accuracy, enhancing overall gaming performance.


These gaming gloves for consoles are designed to fit the hand perfectly, with clear precision to ensure that your gaming experience is entertaining and productive. Additionally, its optimal performance grip ensures that the controller remains secure in your hands and is not likely to slip. Other features include a contoured palm pattern for comfort during long hours of gaming.

These gloves are also compatible with touch screens, which urges users to use them while tablet gaming or mobile gaming. Moreover, these have an ergonomic design and offer wrist support, which helps with joint pain and other issues such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

What We Like

A common cause of appreciation for these gloves is that they are compatible with touch screens. Therefore, they can also act as mobile gaming gloves beyond offering the ideal console gaming experience.

Additionally, these provide exceptional controller grip, which helps with gaming precision and accuracy. Moreover, the ironclad gaming gloves price themselves at a budget-friendly level, another major cause of appreciation.

What We Don't Like

A common complaint was that these gloves aren't made of a breathable material that causes your hands to sweat after 2-3 hours of gaming.


  • Help with pain relief due to ergonomic design
  • Fit comfortably
  • Offer precision
  • Easy on the pocket


  • The material causes sweaty hands after a few hours of usage.

Customer reviews

Customer reviews for this project suggest that these are the best gaming gloves for console or mobile gaming due to their touch-screen compatibility and high precision. Numerous experienced customers have also given these gloves a stellar 5-star rating.

Many customers also considered these gloves useful in sweat management. However, that varied across experiences. Overall, mobile device compatibility was also common among users of these gloves.

Conclusion: Go For The Best Ones!

Now that you're aware of the importance of gaming gloves and their role in eradicating joint pain, sweaty hands, and the risk of carpal tunnel, why wait before you invest in Ironclad's best gaming gloves?

These offer the perfect fit due to their range of sizes and minimize the chance of getting medical treatment for joint or wrist pain. You're one purchase away from a more entertaining and productive gaming experience!

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