Best Wifi Photo Frames (2022)

Best Wifi Photo Frames (2022) 1Why display a single photo in a frame when you can have a continuously-rotating display of hundreds (or even thousands) of pictures on your mantelpiece? 

This has been the major appeal of the digital photo frame. Just hook your digital camera, insert a memory card, or stream your images wirelessly. Then the LCD screen displays your pictures- either as a single image or as a slide show that you can change whenever you fancy looking at a new image.

 The newest WiFi digital photo frames can pull pictures from your smartphone, or even access them from Cloud storage (like Google Drive) or popular social media websites (Facebook or Instagram), to endlessly display your best shots. 

The earlier rise of wifi digital photo frames went down in recent years when computer tablets came into limelight. However, digital photo frames have experienced a recent resurgence, as the newly introduced wireless feature of the devices made them an excellent addition to smart homes.   

And, no matter the technology, they remain a smart way to have your best shots displayed. 

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6 Reasons to get a wifi photoframe

Saves $$$

Digital photo frames save in many ways. First off, you won’t have to buy picture frames since you can easily fit all of your best pictures in one frame. 

 Traditional frames require you to print your photos at home before placing them in a dedicated frame. And you will have to spend some money to do this.  Thankfully, the digital photo frame saves on printing and photo paper costs. 

Beautiful pictures

Pictures printed out from your home printer will fade away as time wears on. That’s not the case with a digital picture frame; your photos will continue to look beautiful as the day they were taken. 


Digital Wifi frames are super easy to use. Upload your photos and set the device to display them according to your preference. Either you choose it to show one photo only or you set it to start a slideshow that displays continually, the choice is yours.

Incredible add-ons

Most digital frames can play and store videos as well. You can also add music to your photos for a fantastic multimedia experience. High-end digital picture frames come with a remote control to change the settings easily. While these can’t replace a portable projector, it’s still a really nifty way to display your memories.

It’s a set-piece

Digital WiFi picture frames are pretty attractive.  You’ll see that anyone who comes visiting your home or workplace can’t help but take a peep at your pictures. This is much more exciting than having anyone hunker around your boatload of the pictures in an album. 

Excellent Image quality

Many people think that displaying photos in digital frames affect their overall quality. That is so untrue. 

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This was definitely the case in 2005, but now, digital photo frames have gone far beyond where they were. 

A few years ago, the resolution of frames was mostly around 72 to 96dp which is very similar to the old computers of that era. 

That resolution is cool if you’re planning to view your pictures from a distance, that is usually most common with frames used in household settings. 

Today, however,  frames have much higher resolution. From anywhere between 150-400dpi, which is on a par with most modern-day Mobile phones and laptop screens. 

This way, your pictures, when viewed up close, remains sharp and crisp as if it had been. And it’s very easy to make out the image in detail, from a single blade of grass to tiny wisps of hair. 

The Best Digital Photo Frames

Digital photo frames come in many different sizes, shapes, and resolutions. They also feature different varieties of specifications, including the most modern WIFI connectivity (read more on mesh wifi here) and HD screens, so your best shots will appear with the utmost clarity. 

Of course, devices with higher specs come at a much more exorbitant price tag. 

We are quite confident that you will find a frame option from our list to suit your budget, and for whatever it is you are looking to display.  

You must also consider the ease of operation of the device, especially if you are buying the frames for family members use or an older non-tech savvy adult. Furthermore, you might want to consider whether you need a frame for the mantelpiece or desktop, or you just a more conventional photo frame that you hang on the wall. 

Read on for a selection and detailed review of the best WiFi digital photo frames you can find in 2020.

Best-Overall Digital Picture Frame: Nixplay Smart Digital Photo Frame

  • Product
  • Features
  • Photos

Nixplay Smart Digital Photo Frame 10.1 Inch - Share Moments Instantly via...

& Free shipping
Last update was on: January 27, 2023 8:26 pm
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NEW: 2k Version

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Nixplay 2K Smart Digital Picture Frame 9.7 Inch, Share Moments Instantly via...

Last update was on: January 27, 2023 8:26 pm

Features and Specifications 

  • Digital Picture Frame Wifi with a 13.3″ Display
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • Remote: Yes, via Nixplay app 
  • Built-in storage: 10GB
  • Dimensions: 3.76 x 33.58 x 21.31cm
  • Cloud services: Yes
  • Video: Yes, only 15 seconds per video | 
  • Bluetooth Speaker  
  • Wireless connectivity 

This digital photo frame from Nixplay* is a smart, beautiful, and easy-to-use device. It comes in a black frame and a wooden frame which is a little more expensive.

By logging into the Nixplay website or using the Nixplay app, you can easily display your photos and videos without plugging any physical media like a flash drive or SD card into it.  

You can also invite your loved ones to submit their pictures to your playlist to have them displayed on the digital pictures frame. With that, Nixplay is a perfect gift for grandparents who always request the latest photos. So now let’s get into more detail. 


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  • Best Wifi Photo Frames (2022) 3
  • Best Wifi Photo Frames (2022) 4
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  • Best Wifi Photo Frames (2022) 11
  • Best Wifi Photo Frames (2022) 12

Nixplay has a simple, gorgeous design that can, at a glance quickly be passed for a standard photo frame. 

 Also, apart from the power cord that connects to the rear end of the device, nothing else will take away its smart abilities. 

On the front, you will see some little black squares enclosing the motion detector and the IR sensor. 

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On the back of the Nixplay Smart Digital Photo Frame 10.1 Inch is an adjustable stand. Now you can position it anywhere you desire. And if you prefer to hang the frame on a wall, slide it off the mount stand. You will see parts are included so you can hook the frame on the wall. 

Ease of use 

You can easily navigate both the menu and the app of this WiFi digital picture frames. Remotes on your smart devices can be easily misplaced. The display provides a safer alternative.  Simply attach the remote to the back of the frame through a dedicated magnetic connection, this way you should always know where your remote is.                                           

Great customer Care

Customer care is always ready to attend to your questions. They send lots of tutorial emails after you’ve created an account with them. 

Once you have everything set up, mounted, or positioned, and your favorite pictures are loaded onto the digital frames for pictures, you’ll see that this is an excellent way to display your pictures and short videos. 

The 1280×800 resolution looks very sharp with a beautiful angle of view too. 

How to use

To set up the smart photo frame:

  • Step 1

Download the Nixplay app and create an account. Or, if you don’t want to add another app to your phone, visit 

  • Step 2

Plug the power cord to the outlet at the end of the stand. That way, your digital picture frame is powered on. 

  • Step 3 

Use the remote to follow the on-screen instructions.

 Turn on WiFi and pair your device with the photo frame, and you should be ready to get started. 

  • Step 4

Inside the app, create playlists of your favorite pictures and upload them on the smart picture frame. 

The remote allows you to further explore the settings on your photo frame and tweak it to your preference. 

Of course, you can do more like change photo duration, screen brightness, and control the motion sensor settings. 

In summary, the Nixplay 10.1 Smart Photo Frame* is a beautiful way to display your photos. The smart technology that allows anyone to easily and quickly add media to the WiFi digital picture frame from anywhere makes it an excellent gift for students, parents, grandparents, and any loved ones who live afar. 

Is it possible to use Nixplay without WIFI?

Nixplay requires a WiFi connection to receive pictures, but there’s also the internal cache memory that allows offline photo viewing if WiFi is not available. 

 How do I send pictures from my PC to Nixplay?

Create a folder on your computer. Select the iPhoto/Photos app and choose the pictures you wish to send to Nixplay. Click on the export menu (File>Export>). You should be ready.  

How many photos can Nixplay take?

Nixplay comes with a standard account that offers over 10GB of picture and video storage, alongside unlimited access to social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, email photos, Google Photos, Flickr, and Dropbox. 

Why is my Nixplay not connecting to WiFi?

Nixplay digital picture frames are known to automatically connect to WiFi once powered on. 

If it’s your first time setting up your frame, you will be required to log in to a wireless network. 

Choose your preferred network with the up and down buttons. 

Can I send photos to someone else’s Nixplay?

Yes! To activate, choose your friend (click on “friends” on the app), select edit, and pick all the playlists you want, then share with your friend. To share the photos from the Nixplay app, tap ‘send Photos.

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