Step-By-Step Guide to Acquiring Your Discord ID: Essential Tips and Tricks


In today's digital era, platforms like Discord have become more prevalent than ever, allowing communities and friends to come together online and share experiences, ideas, and conversations. The tool provides an avenue for gamers, hobbyists, and various social groups to connect transparently, communicate effectively, and improve their social interactions.

Definition of Discord

To begin with, Discord is a digital communication platform designed predominantly for creating communities. It offers voice, calls and text communication channels. Moreover, it has gained a significant reputation among different communities, especially within the scene, due to its ease of use and flexibility.

Importance and Usage of Discord IDs

The feature-rich Discord platform uniquely identifies its vast user base with a tool known as Discord ID. These IDs are an essential aspect of the Discord experience, enabling users to manage their profiles, keep track of their interactions, and enhance their overall online communication.

Understanding the Basics

Explanation of Discord ID

A Discord ID is a unique numerical identifier assigned to every user, message, server, and channel. These IDs, also known as snowflakes, are long strings of numbers that are constant and cannot be modified.

Difference between Discord Username and Discord ID

While a Discord username is a custom title you decide upon sign-up, visible to everyone on Discord, a Discord ID is a internal numerical representation unique to each entity on the platform.

Importance of Discord ID

Discord ID holds critical importance due to its non-editable feature, making it a precise tool to report unsolicited users, create bot commands, and archive relevant data. Incidentally, it increases the platform's security level by preventing any harm from fake profiles.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Get a Discord ID

Enabling developer mode

To get your Discord ID, you first need to enable Developer Mode.

For Desktop

Navigate to Settings > Appearance and toggle the switch for Developer Mode.

For Mobile Application

On mobile, go to User Settings > Advanced and enable Developer Mode.

Getting the User ID

Once Developer Mode is enabled, you can obtain your ID by right clicking (on desktop) or long pressing (on mobile) on your avatar and selecting ‘Copy ID'.

Getting the Server ID

You can get the server ID by right clicking on the server icon (desktop) or by tapping and holding the server name (mobile).

Getting the Message ID

Likewise, by right clicking or holding the text of a message, you can copy the message ID.

Exiting Developer Mode

When you've completed your tasks, you can turn off Developer Mode by retracing your steps and toggling it off.

Uses of Discord ID

Reporting Users That Don't Follow Community Standards

You can use Discord ID to report users who are violating Discord's community guidelines. You simply provide it to the platform's moderators for necessary action.

Creating Commands for Bots

With Discord ID, you can formulate commands for bots, providing a comfortable customization experience.

Archiving Relevant Data

Discord IDs are beneficial for archiving. By saving the IDs of significant messages, servers, and contacts, you can track and access them easily later.

Safety & Security Aspects of Discord ID

Is it Safe to Share Your Discord ID

Sharing your Discord ID is generally safe, but it is advisable not to share it publicly or with users you don't trust.

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Who can see your Discord ID

Your Discord ID is visible to users if you share it. But for the server, message IDs, you need to enable developer mode.

How to protect your Discord ID

You can protect your Discord ID by being careful about sharing it only with trusted people and keeping your account secure with a strong password.


Summary of Importance and Process to Get Discord ID

Acquiring your Discord ID is an easy and straightforward process that opens doors to many features on the Discord platform. From reporting miscreants to creating bot commands, Discord ID is an essential tool and holds critical importance for facilitating operations on the platform.

Last Advice to Discord Users Regarding ID

While the Discord ID is immutable and relatively safe to share, it's important to be cautious about who you share your ID with and to ensure you're following Discord's guidelines to keep your account secure.


What to do if I forget my Discord ID?

It's impossible to forget your Discord ID. It can be found at the same location, regardless of the number of times you logged in and out.

Can I change my Discord ID?

No, you can't change your Discord ID, it's constant and persists with your profile.

Is it mandatory to have a Discord ID?

Yes, a Discord ID is automatically assigned when you create a user, server, and even a message.

Can my Discord ID be hacked?

While hacking isn't entirely impossible, Discord has robust security measures in place to protect its users' IDs.

Can I use Discord without having a Discord ID?

No, as your Discord ID is integral to your Discord experience.

What do I do if my Discord ID is stolen?

If your Discord ID is stolen, immediately contact Discord support and explain your situation. They will guide you on how to secure your account further.

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