Step-by-step Guide on How to Change Age in Discord: An Easy Method for Personalizing Your Profile


Discord is a ubiquitous communication platform beloved by gamers and used by millions worldwide. It is ideal for communicating with friends, joining like-minded communities, and discussing all things pop-culture. However, as with other social platforms, users must maintain up-to-date, accurate personal information. Among these particulars, your age is considered a pivotal piece of information. That said, this article will walk you through the steps on how to change your age on Discord, while also highlighting why this change is crucial.

Why Discord Requires Age Information

Age Restrictions in Discord

Discord, like most social platforms, has a minimum age requirement for each user. This is due to the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), which aims to protect the privacy and safety of young users. As per Discord's terms of service, users under the age of 13 cannot create an account.

Importance of Accurate Age Information

Accurate age information not only helps Discord maintain legal compliance, but it also contributes to a safe online environment for users. For instance, age data can be utilized to filter content appropriately or to restrict access to certain age-specific servers.

Step-by-Step Guide on Changing Age in Discord

Pre-steps: Logging in, and accessing user settings

To begin changing your age, you first need to login to your Discord account. Afterward, navigate to the User Settings section, often depicted by a gear icon.

Process of Age Verification

Age verification generally initiates when you attempt to join an age-restricted server. Upon such an action, Discord will prompt you to verify your age.

Steps for Changing Age Information

Unfortunately, Discord does not currently provide an option to manually change your age within the application. This feature is frequently asked for, and it remains unclear when or if such an update will be introduced.

Tips and Warnings for Changing Age

Be careful when setting up your age for the first time; you will not be able to alter it later. Submitting false information could aversely affect your access to server content or possibly lead to account suspension.

Instances When Discord Disallows Changing of Age

Discord Age Policy

Discord affirms that lying about your age is a violation of their Terms of Service. If caught, Discord reserves the right to delete your account or limit your access.

Circumstances that Lead to Locking of Age

Your account's age will lock upon entering a NSFW (Not Safe For Work) age-gated server, post which changes cannot be made.

Changing Age on Different Platforms

Changing Age on Discord Web

As mentioned earlier, currently, Discord does not provide options to change your age, whether on the web version or the mobile app.

Changing Age on Discord Mobile App

The same restrictions apply when using Discord on mobile. It is not possible to alter the age you initially set.

Comparing the Process between Different Platforms

Essentially, the process of verifying or setting age remains the same across all platforms – web or mobile.

Issues Related to Age in Discord

Actions When Faced with an “Underage” Ban

If your account gets banned due to an underage issue, you may contact Discord's support team. However, reiteration of instances could lead to permanent deletion of your account.

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How Age Affects Access to Certain Servers

Your age directly influences your access to age-gated servers. Providing an incorrect age may limit your access to certain servers with age restrictions.


While it is currently not possible to change your age on Discord, it remains an important piece of information that aids in user protection and content filtering. It is critical that users adhere to Discord's user regulations to maintain a safe and hospitable environment for all users.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I change my age on Discord?

Discord currently does not offer an option to change your age.

What happens if I put the wrong age?

Incorrect age entry may restrict your access to servers or even lead to a potential ban.

How does Discord verify my age?

Discord typically initiates an age verification process when you try to join an age-restricted server.

Can I get banned for lying about my age on Discord?

Yes, lying about your age is a violation of Discord's Terms of Service and may get your account suspended.

Why do I need to verify my age to access certain servers?

Age verification ensures suitable content delivery and is an effective measure to restrict young users from accessing mature or inappropriate content.

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