Step-by-Step Guide: How to Undo Subscript in Google Docs


On the worldwide web’s vast virtual landscape, Google Docs has emerged as a go-to platform for professional and personal document handling. The ability to create, edit, collaborate, and share documents is at the core of Google Docs, making it a versatile tool for businesses, educational institutions, students, and individuals alike.

One of the more useful features in Google Docs is the ability to use subscripts, however, it’s not entirely straightforward how to undo subscript in Google Docs. This article will provide a comprehensive guide to understand, apply, and more importantly, undo subscript in Google Docs.

Understanding Subscript

Subscript, in layman’s terms, is a typographical feature where text is slightly lowered and usually smaller than the standard text. Commonly, subscripts find usage in scientific formulas, mathematical equations, and footnotes, where it provides a clear and structured medium to present complex information.

Step-by-step Guide to Applying Subscript in Google Docs

Applying subscript in Google Docs is fairly simple. You start by highlighting the text you want to make a subscript. Then, you navigate to ‘Format’ in the top menu bar, select ‘Text,’ and click on ‘Subscript.’

Let’s illustrate with an example. In a scientific paper, to represent water in its chemical form, H2O, the ‘2’ is a subscript.

How to Undo Subscript in Google Docs

Undoing a subscript follows a similar process. Highlight the subscripted text, go to ‘Format’ on the menu bar, navigate to ‘Text,’ and click on ‘Subscript.’ The subscript will be removed, and your text will return to its original form.

Step-by-step guide on How to Undo Subscript in Google Docs

  1. Highlight the subscripted text.
  2. Go to ‘Format’ on the menu bar.
  3. Hover over ‘Text.’
  4. Click on ‘Subscript.’

Keyboard Shortcuts for Undoing Subscript

Keyboard shortcuts are time-saving hacks for any Google Docs user. The shortcut for undoing subscript is Ctrl + , (comma).

How to Use Keyboard Shortcuts to Undo Subscript in Google Docs

  1. Highlight the subscripted text.
  2. Press Ctrl + , (comma) on your keyboard.

Troubleshooting Common Problems when Undoing Subscript

Sometimes, you might encounter errors when trying to undo subscript in Google Docs. These can range from unresponsive function buttons to shortcuts not working. When such problems occur, try a simple browser refresh. If the problem persists, check if your browser needs an update.

Assisting Tools to Undo Subscript

While Google Docs provides plenty of inherent functionality to undo subscript, there are third-party tools and browser extensions like Text Cleaner and Clear Formatting, which offer additional help. However, it’s worth noting that they may require permissions to access your Google Data.

Case Studies and Examples

Many businesses and educational institutions that regularly run complex data analysis often leverage subscript in their Google Docs. However, in cases of a data update or error correction, the need to undo subscript can be frequent, highlighting the importance of understanding this functionality.


Being adept at undoing subscript in Google Docs is a valuable skill, especially for those working with dynamic data on a regular basis. The ease in applying and undoing subscript is a testament to Google Docs’ user-friendly design and versatility.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I undo subscript in Google Docs on mobile devices?

Yes, you can undo subscript on Google Docs mobile app by selecting the subscripted text and tapping on the ‘A’ button in the toolbar. From the pop-up menu that appears, untick ‘Subscript.’

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Are there any browser extensions that can help undo subscript?

Yes, there are several browser extensions like Text Cleaner and Clear Formatting that help undo subscript.

Can I undo subscript if I don’t have permission to edit a document?

No, without editing permissions, you can’t make changes to a document, including undoing subscript.

What should I do when shortcut keys are not working to undo subscript?

Ensure that you are pressing the correct key combination (Ctrl + ,). If problems persist, check if your browser needs updating.

Does Google Docs support automatic subscript? How can I undo it?

Yes, Google Docs supports automatic subscript when you follow specific formatting norms while typing. You can undo it in the same way as normal subscript: highlight the text and de-select subscript under the ‘Format’ menu or use the shortcut Ctrl + ,.

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