Step-by-Step Guide: How to Turn on Push to Talk on Discord for Better Audio Control


Discord is a prevalent platform for gamers and individuals seeking to seamlessly connect virtually. It provides an aesthetic blend of chat, voice, and calls, making it a go-to application for numerous groups. Among the distinguishing features it houses is the push-to-talk function, which significantly redefines the user experience. This article walks you through the intriguing world of push-to-talk on Discord and how to proficiently turn it on for better control.

What is Push to Talk in Discord?

Push to talk is an interaction system in Discord that permits a user to transmit their voice only when they want to. It's akin to using a walkie-talkie; you push a button, it opens the mic for transmission, and once you let go, it shuts off. This feature comes in handy in situations where background noise can be distracting or when managing large groups in a vocal chat room.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Push to Talk on Discord


Some of the benefits of using the push-to-talk feature include Noise reduction, as it helps limit unwanted background sound from your environment. It provides a professional communication experience by eliminating interruptions. Additionally, the feature grants you full control over your broadcast.


A possible downside of the push-to-talk feature is that it might disrupt gameplay for gamers as they try to press the push-to-talk key while . User may also forget to hit the assigned key, thus, their message may not be conveyed.

Pre-requisites for using Push to Talk

To be able to use the push-to-talk feature, you'll need to have the Discord app installed on your device. This function is not available through the web browser version of Discord. Apart from this, no specific system requirements are needed. However, do keep in mind that you will need a stable connection for seamless communication.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Turn On Push to Talk on Discord

Here's a comprehensive guide to get you started on activating the push-to-talk feature on Discord:

Step 1: Opening the Discord App

Launch the Discord app on your device. If you haven't already installed it, download it from the Discord official site and install.

Step 2: Navigating through setting up the account

Once you're in, proceed to the user settings, denoted by the gear icon near your avatar at the screen's bottom.

Step 3: Enabling the Push to talk feature

In the Settings menu, click on Voice & Video under App Settings. Toggle the Input Mode to Push to Talk.

Step 4: Configuring the shortcut key for Push to Talk

Just beneath the Input Mode options, you'll see a ‘Shortcut' box. Click into this box and then press the key you want to use for push-to-talk. Finally, press ‘Stop Recording.'

Alternatives to Push to Talk on Discord

An alternative to push-to-talk is the Voice Activity option. This feature allows Discord to transmit your voice whenever it detects noise, eliminating the need to press a particular key for communication. However, remember this may also capture and transmit unintended background noise.

Tips for Using Push to Talk on Discord

Always remember to press the push-to-talk key when speaking. Use a convenient key that doesn't interfere with your gaming or typing. Also, inform your group members about your use of the push-to-talk feature to avoid confusion.

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The push-to-talk feature can vastly improve your communication experience on Discord once you master its use. It offers you control and the potential to limit unnecessary interruptions during voice chats. Indeed, its benefits outweigh the challenges, especially in noise-infested environments or during group chats.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1: Why is push to talk not working on discord?

This can occur if Discord does not have the necessary administrative privileges to access your microphone. It can be solved by running Discord as an administrator.

Q2: How do I enable push to talk on my server?

To allow push-to-talk on your server, go to Server Settings > Roles, select the desired role, and toggle on the ‘Use Voice Activity' permission.

Q3: Can I use push to talk on mobile?

Yes. Push to Talk is also available on Discord's mobile application. The steps to enable it are similar to the desktop application.

Q4: What are the best push to talk keybinds on Discord?

This entirely depends on personal preference and comfort. For gamers, keys like ‘Control,' ‘Alt,' or a side button on your mouse are commonly used.

Q5: Can I set different key for different channels?

Unfortunately, Discord does not currently support different push-to-talk keys for different channels. Your push-to-talk key will remain the same across all channels.

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