Step-by-Step Guide: How to Turn Off Voicemail on iPhone


Every iPhone user is familiar with voicemail, a feature that allows callers to leave messages when you are unable to answer the call. This tutorial aims to provide comprehensive information about the voicemail functionality and illustrate how to disable voicemail on an iPhone. Our step-by-step instructions will equip you with knowledge to effectively manage your voicemail settings, giving you control over your digital communications.

Understanding Voicemail on iPhone

To understand how to properly turn off voicemail on an iPhone, we must first delve into how voicemail functions. When you fail to answer a phone call, the incoming call is redirected to a virtual ‘mailbox’, where the caller can leave a message. These messages can be listened to at your leisure, offering a convenient way to catch up on missed calls.

This feature has its advantages, providing a simple way for people to leave you information without interruption. However, there can be drawbacks as well. For some, incessant voicemails may seem more bothersome than helpful, filling up storage, generating notifications, and requiring time to skim through and possibly delete unwanted messages.

Reasons for Turning Off Voicemail on iPhone

Different users may have varied reasons to shut off voicemail. Some might be annoyed by the number of sales calls that result in promotional voicemails. Others might be on limited data plans where voicemail counts toward their allotted minutes. Regardless of the reason, it’s beneficial to know how to use your device to suit your preferences.

Turning off voicemail does come with potential consequences such as missed crucial calls or important updates. Therefore, one needs to consider this step carefully and understand how it will affect phone communication.

Step by Step Guide on How to Turn Off Voicemail on iPhone

Turning off voicemail on an iPhone depends largely on the user’s carrier – a one-size-fits-all procedure doesn’t exist. Each carrier has unique codes and steps which we will discuss below.

Turning off Voicemail for AT&T Users

1. Dial #404 from your mobile device followed by the call button.
2. You will receive a confirmation that voicemail has been turned off.

Turning off Voicemail for Verizon Users

For Verizon users, the process is little trickier and requires contacting Verizon customer service to turn off voicemail.

Turning off Voicemail for T-Mobile Users

T-Mobile users will also need to contact customer service to disable voicemail.

Turning off Voicemail for Sprint Users

Sprint users can turn off voicemail by visiting their online account or contacting Sprint support.

The differences in process among the carriers are due to the unique infrastructures and features they employ. In some instances, you might encounter errors while attempting to turn off voicemail—remember, customer support can help resolve these issues.

Alternative Solutions to Turning Off Voicemail

If turning off voicemail completely isn’t a viable option for you, alternatives are available. Using the ‘Do Not Disturb’ function lets calls directly enter voicemail. ‘Call Forwarding’ allows your calls to be redirected to another number, bypassing your voicemail. The ‘Leave no Voicemail’ approach entails setting a long, silent audio file as your voicemail greeting, discouraging callers from leaving a message.

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Re-activating the Voicemail Feature on iPhone

To turn voicemail back on, repeat the process used to disable it and follow your carrier’s instructions. If you encounter any difficulties, reach out to customer service for your carrier.


Understanding the flexibility and control features of your iPhone, such as managing your voicemail system, is a crucial aspect of maximizing your device’s capabilities. It’s good to remind that turning off voicemail is not a permanent action, and can be easily reversed when needed.


Can you turn off voicemail on iPhone permanently?

No, turning off voicemail is not a permanent action. You can always re-enable voicemail whenever you desire.

Will missed calls show if voicemail is turned off?

Yes, even without voicemail activated, you will still see missed calls in your recent calls listing.

Can I turn off voicemail for specific callers?

This is not possible at the moment. You can only turn off voicemail completely, not for specific callers.

What happens when you disable the voicemail on your iPhone?

Once you disable voicemail, incoming calls will no longer be forwarded to voicemail, and callers won’t be able to leave messages.

How do I know if my voicemail has been successfully disabled?

You can check by calling your own number. If you hear a message stating that the voicemail has not been set up, then it means your voicemail has been successfully turned off.

Can I still leave voicemails for others if my own voicemail is off?

Yes. Turning off your voicemail doesn’t affect your ability to leave voicemails for others.

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