Step-by-Step Guide: How to Report a User on Discord for Inappropriate Behavior


Discord, a free-to-use communication service, has become an indispensable tool for online communities, enabling voice, text, and communications in real-time. While the platform encourages a vibrant and connected community of users, it is equally crucial to ensure each member respects and maintains a propitious environment. Unfortunately, instances arise when you may encounter inappropriate behavior or content, threatening the healthy Discord community. Therefore, knowing how to report a user on Discord is paramount in preserving the platform's integrity.

Understanding Discord Report Feature

Discord affords each user with an option to report any inappropriate or abusive behavior. This feature has been incorporated to address belligerent actions, safeguard users' privacy, and maintain harmony online. This can be directed towards an individual who exhibits any form of misconduct such as harassment, explicit content distribution, doxxing, or spamming among others. Keep in mind, taking full advantage of this feature can help ensure a more respectful, more considerate community.

Steps to Report a User on Discord

From Desktop

To report a user on Discord from the desktop, follow these steps:


Locating User ID and Message ID:

Make sure that Developer Mode is enabled in your settings to obtain the User ID and Message ID.


Filling out the Report Form:

Fill out the report form available on the Discord website, including all requisite details like user ID, message ID, and server ID.


Process After Filing the Report:

Once submitted, the Discord Trust & Safety team will conduct an in-depth investigation to ascertain and resolve the issue.

From Mobile

The process to report a user from the mobile version is just as straightforward:


Locating User ID:

Developer Mode should be active for getting User's ID.


Filling out the Report Form:

Complete the report form via Discord's website.


After Reporting:

Discord's team will take charge and begin investigating your report.

Enabling Developer Mode to Access User ID Information

Developer Mode is essential because it allows you to retrieve key information required in the report form.


On Desktop:

Go to User Settings and then go to Appearance. Scroll down to see Developer Mode and enable it.


On Mobile

Go to User Settings, then Appearance, and enable Developer Mode.

What to Include in Your Report

Your report should provide a thorough breakdown of the issue. When compiling your report, keep in mind the following aspects:

– Accurate User ID, Message ID, and Server ID.
– Screenshots or video evidence to back up your claim.
– Make sure not to include personal opinions or irrelevant information. Stick to the facts.

What Happens After a Report is Filed

Once submitted, the Discord Trust & Safety team start investigating. If they ascertain violation of community guidelines or terms of service, they take the necessary action. Potential outcomes for reported users vary from warnings to account suspension or deletion.

Tips and Recommendations for Discord Users

Promote a welcoming and respectful community. Stay vigilant and report any harmful interactions immediately for the wellbeing of all users.


Defending the integrity of Discord's community is a collective responsibility. By enabling quick reporting of users showcasing inappropriate behavior, we can foster a healthier and safer online environment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to report a user anonymously?

Yes, it is possible. Discord respects your wish for anonymity when reporting users.

What should I do if I mistakenly reported a user?

Contact Discord Support performing as soon as you realized the mistake.

How long does Discord take to act on reported users?

The investigation period varies depending on the complexity of the report.

Can I undo my report?

Contact Discord Support immediately if you wish to undo your report.

Why it is necessary to enable Developer Mode while reporting a user in Discord?

Because it helps you collect the IDs required in the report.

Does Discord inform the reported users about the complaint?

No, reports are confidential, and the reported user is not informed about who filed the report.

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