Step-by-Step Guide: How to Print Text Messages from an Android Phone


As our lives become increasingly intertwined with technology, the need to print text messages from Android smartphones has grown exponentially. This practical requirement stems from several diverse motivations, ranging from preserving sentimental messages to satisfying legal requisites. This comprehensive guide aims to unmask the key methods and steps involved in printing text messages from your Android device.

Reason to Print Text Messages

Legal Purposes

Text messages can serve as compelling evidence in both civil and criminal legal proceedings, establishing factual narratives or proving claims. Thus, the necessity arises to present these messages in a hardcopy physical format.

Backing up Important Information

Important data, confidential data, or cherished sentiments stored via text messages may require hard copies as a backup or archive, providing an extra layer of safety against loss through device malfunctions or mishaps.

Sentiments and Memories

Printing text messages can also assist in keeping sentiments and precious memories alive, providing a tangible memento that is resistant to technological advancements or changes.

Preparations before Printing Text Messages

Checking your Phone Model and Compatibility

Before starting the printing process, ascertain your phone model’s compatibility with the appointed printing technique.

Ensuring the Availability of a Printer

Subsequently, verify the availability of a printer. It might be a conventional printer with a wireless feature or a cloud-based printer.

Enabling Printer’s Wireless Settings or Connection

If your chosen printing process requires it, activate the wireless settings or set up the connection between your Android smartphone and the printer.

Download SMS Backup Apps

Several SMS Backup applications can support the printing procedure. These apps aid in archiving text messages for retrieval and printing at a later date. Installing and using these apps involves the following steps:

Introduction of Various SMS Backup Apps

Numerous SMS Backup apps are available, catering to different needs. Some popular apps include SMS Backup & Restore, SMS Backup+, and Android SMS Backup.

Detailed Explanation on How to Download and Install These Apps

To download and install these apps, simply visit the Google Play Store, search for your preferred app, and press install. After installation, grant the requisite permissions for the app to function optimally.

Pros and Cons of Using SMS Backup Apps

These apps provide a simplified, automated process for storing and printing messages. However, the downside is they may access and store personal data, stirring privacy concerns.

Using SMS Backup and Restore Apps

Built-in SMS backup apps ease the process of archiving and eventually printing messages.

Step-by-Step Instructions on How to Use the Built-in SMS Backup Apps

These steps typically involve opening the app, selecting the desired conversations, tapping on ‘Backup’ and finally ‘Save as PDF’ or ‘Print.’

Explanation of How to Use These Apps to Archive and Print Messages

Before printing, archived conversations are stored in a readily accessible format, allowing convenient printing based on user preferences.

Ways to Export Text Messages as a PDF File

Exporting messages as PDFs simplifies the printing process.

Procedure to Convert Text Messages to PDF

The conversion involves selecting the required conversation, choosing ‘Export Conversation,’ and finally ‘Save as PDF.’

Steps to Transfer PDF Files to a Computer

The stored PDF files can be transferred to a PC or laptop via USB or email for a smooth printing experience.

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Process to Navigate to these PDF Files and Finally Print Them

Once the transfer completes, locate the received PDF document on your PC, open it, and opt to print.

Using Email to Print Text Messages

Emailing text messages to yourself is another method for printing text messages.

Guide on How to Email the Text Messages to Yourself

To use this method, initiate by forwarding the desired text messages as attachments to your personal email.

Procedure to Print these Messages from the Email

Once the email is received, open it, download the attached text messages, and select ‘Print’.

Use of a Screenshot Method

One simple method to print your Android texts is to use the screenshot feature on your phone.

Instructions on How to Screenshot Text Messages

Screenshot the text messages by pressing the power and volume down buttons simultaneously.

Tips on How to Send these Screenshots to a PC or a Laptop

The screenshots can be sent to a PC or laptop via email or USB cable.

Steps to Print these Screenshots

Once you have the screenshots on your computer, simply open the images and select ‘Print’.

Using Google Cloud Print

Google Cloud Print is another efficient method to print text messages.

Using Google Services to Print Text Messages

Google Cloud Print allows you to connect your printer to the Google Cloud, easing the print process for Android devices.

Tutorial on How to Set Up a Google Cloud Print

To print your messages with Google Cloud Print, you will need to setup your printer with Google Cloud Print feature first, then select the messages and hit ‘Print’.

Steps to Print Documents Using Google Cloud Print

Once the setup is complete, open the desired text message, tap on the three-dot menu at the top-right corner, and choose ‘Print’. From the printer options, select ‘Google Cloud Print’.


Printing text messages from an Android device is contingently essential and hence, mastering these methods could save a lot of hassle when the necessity arises.


Is it Possible to Print Text Messages from All Android Phones?

The procedures described in this guide should generally work for any Android device, provided it has the necessary compatibility with the used apps or services.

Are These Methods Applicable for Group Texts and Multimedia Messages?

Yes, these methods should apply to both group texts and multimedia messages.

How Safe is It to Use Third-Party Apps to Backup and Print Messages?

The safety of using third-party apps largely depends on the reputation of the app. Most well-known SMS backup apps prioritize user privacy and data protection.

How Can I Print Text Messages Without a Wireless Printer?

You can connect your device to your computer via USB, transfer the required text messages (either as screenshots or in PDF format), and then print them using a wired printer.

Do the Screenshots of Messages Hold Up in Court?

Screenshots can be used as evidence in court, but their acceptability varies depending on the court’s discretion, the relevant jurisdiction, and the context of the case.

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