Step-by-Step Guide: How to Move Search Bar to the Top of the Screen on iOS 15


The recently unveiled iOS 15 has brought in a range of new features and updates, enhancing user experience to a greater degree. From revamped notifications and FaceTime improvements to the reinvented Safari design, iOS 15 offers more customizability than ever. Among these changes is a seemingly small but significant option – altering the position of your search bar. This article presents a comprehensive guide on how to move the search bar to the top of the screen in iOS 15, something that can greatly enhance the ease of device navigation and user experience.

Understanding iOS Search Bar

The search bar is a tool of immense value in managing and navigating through your iOS device. It allows users to find and access applications, settings, messages, and more in a matter of seconds. Thus, it is a key facilitator of brisk and efficient device navigation.

Existing Search Bar Position in iOS 15

By default, the search bar in iOS 15 is positioned at the centre of the screen when accessed from the home screen. For some users, this might pose a challenge in an instinctive, speedy device usage, especially for those habituated to the top-screen position from previous iOS versions or other platforms.

Steps to Move the Search Bar in iOS 15

Moving the search bar in iOS 15 is a straightforward process and can be executed easily with the following steps:

Access Settings

Navigate to Correct Features

Apply Changes to Search Bar Position

Tap on the ‘Placement' feature and select ‘Top.' You have now successfully moved your search bar to the top of your screen.

It's to be noted that this process may vary slightly on different devices or OS versions, and it is always recommended to consult the official Apple documentation for device-specific queries.

Before moving your search bar, factor in your own user habits, usability preferences, and potential issues. Keep in mind that any changes you make can be undone, and if faced with serious issues, a factory reset can help restore original settings.

Benefits of Moving the Search Bar to the Top

Moving the search bar to the top has its perks. It offers easier reach, especially for people with large screen phones, and closely aligns with many other browsers and operating systems' layout. Thus, modifying the search bar position can lead to smoother, more instinctive navigation, ultimately enhancing overall usability.


Customizing your user experience in iOS 15 to your liking and preferences, particularly by moving the search bar to the top, can significantly improve your navigation experience. Take these straightforward steps to make your even more user-friendly and tailored to your needs with iOS 15.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Will moving the search bar to the top change other settings in my phone?

No, moving the search bar will not affect other settings in your phone.

Can I switch back to the original position of the search bar if I don't like it at the top?

Absolutely, you can easily switch back to the original mid-screen position by following the same steps and selecting ‘Center' under the ‘Placement' option.

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Are there any that can help me move the search bar more easily?

The movement of the search bar is a system-level setting, and thus, no third-party apps are required or recommended.

Does shifting the search bar to the top impact battery life?

No, moving the search bar does not impact the battery life of your device.

Can I customize the search bar's look and feel in the iOS 15 update?

At present, iOS 15 doesn't provide options to customize the look and feel of the search bar.

What should I do if I can't move the search bar?

If you're having trouble, make sure your device is updated to iOS 15. If the problem persists, considering reaching out to Apple Support.

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