Step-by-Step Guide: How to Move Google Search Bar to the Top of Your Screen


The Google search bar, often referred to as the Google Search Box, is a primary feature on most web browsers. It’s the central hub where an internet surfer types in their queries and gets directed to multiple informative results. However, due to changes in browser settings or new updates, the Google search bar may at times not be placed at the top where it’s usually situated. This can be inconvenient as the top placement is most user-friendly and visible.

Moving the Google Search Bar to the top of your screen isn’t a Herculean task, and this article will guide you through the processes in a structured manner. We will cover how to move the Google search bar to the top for desktop, mobile devices, and different browsers.

Steps on Moving Google Search Bar to Top on Desktop/Laptop

Before we dive into the steps, it’s essential to understand why Google Search Bar might not be at the top in the first place. The position of the search bar can sometimes change due to a browser update, resetting of settings, or installation of certain browser extensions.

Step by step Process on Moving Google Search Bar to Top

Here are the steps to ensure your Google search bar is placed at the top:

1. Launch your internet browser
2. Open the settings tab; it usually appears on the top right.
3. Navigate to “Appearance” or a similar setting
4. Look for the “Show home button” or “Position of Search bar”
5. Activate it if not activated, it will move Google’s search bar to the top of your browser.

Making Google Search Bar Default

Remember to set Google as your default search engine within your browser’s settings to ensure all your searches made in the search bar will leverage Google’s powerful search algorithms.

Instructions on Moving Google Search Bar to Top on Mobile Devices

Navigating a mobile device’s smaller screen often means prioritizing accessibility. Moving the Google search bar to the top offers convenience and improves your mobile browsing experience.

On Android Devices

For Android users, long press the Google search bar, and then drag it to the desired position at the top of your screen.

On iOS Devices

For Apple users, open the Safari settings and tap the “New tabs open with” option. Select the “Favourites” or “Homepage” depending upon where your Google Search bar is placed.

Moving Google Search Bar to Top on Different Browsers

The process varies slightly across different internet browsers, let’s glance through the top ones:

On Chrome

Navigate to “Appearance” in settings, enable “Show home button,” and under that, select “New Tab Page.”

On Firefox

Open about:config in your browser, find “browser.urlbar.update1” and set it as “False.”

On Safari

Visit the browser’s preferences, go to “General,” and in the “Homepage” section, insert “”.

On Microsoft Edge

In settings, head onto “Appearance”, turn on “Show home button”, and direct it to “New tab page”.

Troubleshooting Moving Google Search Bar to Top

If you’re still facing problems moving the Google search bar to top:

Common Issues

Check your browser for any updates and try to reset your browser settings. Make sure you’re not using any browser extensions that conflict with the settings.

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Resetting Default Search Bar

In your browser settings, you’ll generally find a setting option dedicated to managing your search engine. Make sure Google is set as your default search engine to ensure smooth functioning.


Easing your browsing tasks by shifting the Google search bar to the top not only aligns with the general user interface aesthetic, but also enhances your browsing efficiency vastly. If performed correctly through the steps laid down in this manual, these changes can render fantastic results for your usage.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What should I do if I can’t move the Google search bar to the top?

Be sure to check if your browser is updated, disable conflicting extensions, and retry the processes described above.

Why can’t I see the Google search bar on my browser to begin with?

This probably means the Google Search isn’t your browser’s default search engine, or you’ve set another page as your homepage or new tab page.

Why should I move my Google search bar to the top?

Placing your Google search bar at the top offers a user-friendly experience and seamless navigation.

Is moving the Google search bar to the top a reversible process?

Yes, going into your browser’s settings and undoing the changes made will restore the original configuration.

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