Step-by-Step Guide: How to Make People Admin on Discord


Discord, a popular communication platform widely used by gamers and online communities, provides various features to help manage better interactions among users. A crucial role within Discord is the ‘Admin’, who supervises the community’s day-to-day activities, eases communication, and provides an overall positive and structured environment. This article explains in detail the importance of an admin on Discord and demonstrates how you can make any user an admin, practically offering a step-by-step guide for anyone needing to create administrators on Discord.

Understanding the Concept of Roles and Permissions on Discord

The Explanation of Roles in Discord

Much like a usual societal setup, Discord operates with roles distinguishing user capabilities. Roles are essentially ‘tags’ assigned to users providing them with specific permissions.

Different Types of Permissions

From ability to send messages or banning troublesome users to server customization, Discord grants varying permission levels. The permissions are categorized as General, Text, and Voice permissions, each playing distinct roles on a server.

Role of Admin on Discord

An admin on Discord is a user assigned with a high level of permissions, playing a crucial rule in managing and moderating the server. They are responsible for several important tasks such as managing channels, members, server settings, and more.

Steps to Create an Admin Role

Guide on How to Navigate Server Settings

By clicking on the server name, a drop-down menu appears with ‘Server Settings’. This is your starting point for creating an Admin role.

Detailed Steps on Creating a New Role

In ‘Server Settings’, click on the ‘Roles’ option, then ‘+’ icon to create a new role. Name this role something indicative like ‘Admin’.

Allocating Permissions for the New Role

Scroll down the list of permissions, and toggle the ones you wish to grant the new admin role. Ensure ‘Administrator’ permission is turned on.

How to Assign the Admin Role to a User

Finding the Members List

Under ‘Server Settings’, click on ‘Members’. This will show you all the members in your server.

Assigning Admin Role to a Member

Find the member you want to make an admin, click on the ‘+’ icon beside their name, select the ‘Admin’ role. The changes will save automatically.

Managing Admins and Monitoring Activities

Explanation on How to Manage and Supervise Admins

Remember, admins have significant power over the server, so regularly monitor their actions to ensure they’re complying with guidelines.

The Importance of Monitoring Admin Activities

By regularly checking audit logs and activity feeds, you make sure the admins aren’t abusing their authority and are working towards a healthier server environment.

Steps on How to Retract Admin Rights, If Necessary

To retract admin rights, go back to ‘Members’ under ‘Server Settings’, click on the appropriate member, and de-select the ‘Admin’ role.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Making Someone an Admin on Discord

Overview of Common Errors

Many users rush to assign permissions without being aware of their implications, leading to certain vulnerabilities within the server.

Possible Impact and How to Avoid These Mistakes

To prevent these issues, always think strategically about roles and permissions you’re assigning and only assign admin rights to trustworthy members.

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Best Practices For Assigning Admin Roles

Balance out permissions, organize roles efficiently and perform regular checks to ensure smooth functioning of the server.

Tips and Tricks for Managing Discord Admins

Advice on Maintaining a Healthy Admin-Posting Relationship

Clear communication, regular meetings and agreement on rules can foster a healthy relationship between various admins.

Some Additional Features Benefiting Admins

Features such as audit logs, server insights, and mod tools enormously help in managing servers effectively.

Tips Related to Improving Server Management Through Effective Admin Usage

Provide Admins with regular training, have specific rules for management and utilize bots to automate tasks.


To efficiently manage a Discord server, understanding roles, permissions, and particularly the admin role, is vital. Regular checks on admin activities and balance in roles can make your server secure and organized. It’s all about strategic planning and proper execution.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can anyone become an admin on Discord?

Yes, anyone can become an admin on Discord as long as the server owner or another admin grants them the admin role.

What power does an admin have on Discord?

Admins on Discord can manage server settings, roles, channels, and other members. They can also delete messages and ban users if necessary.

How can I manage multiple admins on a single server?

You can manage multiple admins by monitoring their activities, hosting regular meetings, and setting clear rules and expectations.

Can admins delete messages from other people’s conversation?

Yes, admins have the power to delete messages from other users’ conversations.

How to remove admin from someone in Discord?

In the ‘Server Settings’, go to ‘Members’, find the user you wish to remove from admin, and deselect the ‘Admin’ role.

What’s the difference between the admin and the owner of a Discord server?

The server owner has the highest level of control and cannot be removed or demoted by anyone else. An admin, although they have many permissions, can still be managed by the server owner.

Can admin rights be reassigned or taken away in Discord?

Yes, admins can have their rights removed or reassigned by higher-level roles.

What are some safety precautions while assigning someone as an admin?

Ensure the person is trustworthy and clearly understands their responsibilities. It is recommended to provide them with some initial training.

Are there any restrictions to the number of admins you can assign on a Discord server?

No, there are no restrictions on the number of admins you can assign on a Discord server. However, it’s more manageable and secure to keep the number relatively low.

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