Step-by-Step Guide: How to Get Out of Kiosk Mode on Different Devices


Kiosk mode, as its name suggests, transforms your computer or device into a secure public kiosk. This feature locks the device into a specific application, limiting the user’s access to other functions and data. But what happens when you need to exit this mode? This article provides a comprehensive guide, offering clear instructions on how to exit kiosk mode.

Understanding Kiosk Mode Deeper

Detailed Description of Kiosk Mode

Kiosk Mode, often referred to as “Assigned Access” in Windows, allows you to run a single app in fullscreen mode, effectively limiting users from accessing other system functionality or apps. This is perfect for when running public displays, presentations, or when you want a system to function for a singular purpose.

Uses of Kiosk Mode

Kiosk mode is used widely in a variety of settings, such as in businesses for point-of-sale systems, in schools for standardized testing, libraries for public access to catalogs, and in exhibitions or museums for interactive displays.

Pros and Cons of Using Kiosk Mode

While kiosk mode offers many benefits, such as security, user restrictions, and ease of use, there are also drawbacks such as restricted accessibility to other essential device features, and the potential complexity of setup or exit, especially without proper knowledge.

Exiting Kiosk Mode On Different Platforms

Now that we understand what kiosk mode is and its uses, let’s delve into the nitty-gritty: how to exit this mode on multiple platforms.

How to Exit Kiosk Mode on Windows

Step-By-Step Instructions

To exit Kiosk Mode on Windows:

1. Press the Ctrl + Alt + Del or Windows key five times.
2. Click on the “Sign out” button.
3. You’ll be redirected to the normal login screen, where you can sign-in with a different account.

Explanation of Necessary Permissions

Ensure you have the proper system permissions. Admin rights are typically necessary to exit kiosk mode. If you’re locked out, consult your system admin for assistance.

Exiting Kiosk Mode on Android

Step-By-Step Instructions

To exit Kiosk Mode on Android:

1. Tap the screen 5 times in the same spot.
2. You’ll be prompted to enter your password.
3. Once the password is entered, kiosk mode will be exited.

Explanation of Necessary Permissions

One needs to know the exit password set during the kiosk mode setup. If not, consider getting in touch with your IT department to help you out.

How to Exit Kiosk Mode on iOS

Step-By-Step Instructions

For exiting Kiosk Mode on iOS:

1. Press the home button once to get to the Guided Access screen.
2. Triple-click the home button and enter the passcode.
3. Select “End” to exit the Guided Access (Kiosk Mode).

Explanation of Necessary Permissions

You’ll only need the passcode to exit.

Tips for Safely Using Kiosk Mode

While using kiosk mode is generally safe, it’s essential that you maintain strong credentials to protect against unauthorized usage. Remember to routinely update your passwords, and only utilize kiosk mode where necessary to protect your system’s integrity.

Software That Can Help Exit Kiosk Mode

There are different software solutions like Scalefusion, SureLock and Moki which can make it easier to exit kiosk mode. Their primary benefits include ease of use and 24/7 technical support. However, users should consider the costs and necessary technical requirements.

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Knowing how to exit kiosk mode is not only practical but also vital—especially when the device needs to be used beyond its single-purpose application. The exit process varies between operating systems, but generally, it’s straightforward and quick.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Kiosk Mode?

Kiosk Mode is a feature on various operating systems that restricts user access, often to a singular application or function, turning the device into a kind of public-access terminal.

Why would someone use Kiosk mode?

Kiosk mode is mainly used when a device is meant to serve a single public function, such as a digital signboard, public survey terminal, or in libraries, museums, and shops.

How can I exit Kiosk Mode on (particular OS)?

The exit process varies between operating systems. This guide provides specific steps for popular operating systems like Windows, iOS, MacOS, and Android.

Is it safe to use Kiosk mode?

Kiosk mode is generally safe to use, given that it limits access to device functions, safeguarding against unauthorized access to critical settings or private information.

What do I do if I can’t get out of Kiosk mode?

If you’re unable to exit Kiosk mode, it’s best to contact tech support or an IT professional who can assist. Using specific software tools mentioned in this guide can also help.

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