Step-by-Step Guide: How to Get a Heart on Your Lock Screen for a Personalized Touch


We live in the era of personalization and customization, and it’s no wonder then, that you might want to leave your personal touch on everything you own – especially your tech gadgets. While everyone’s smartphone might look identical on the outside, you have the power to make its interface uniquely yours. One of the simplest yet most impactful ways you can do this is by customizing your lock screen. This guide is crafted for those who want to know how to get a heart on your lock screen and make it a little piece of you.

Why customize your lock screen?

Our smartphones go with us everywhere. They are the first thing we check in the morning and often the last thing we look at before going to bed. As such, the lock screen, the first window we unlock to get into our devices, is arguably the most viewed space on our phones. Adding a touch of personal flair like a heart image to this space can make your smartphone feel even more, well, ‘you’.

How to Get a Heart on Your Lock Screen

The process of changing your lock screen image varies slightly depending on the operating system (OS) of your device. For the sake of user convenience, we will delve into three major mobile operating systems: Android, iOS, and Windows Phones.

Step by Step Guide


  1. Go to ‘Settings’ on your phone.
  2. Select ‘Display’ and then ‘Wallpaper’.
  3. You can then choose an existing heart image from your gallery or create a custom image.


  1. On your iPhone, go to ‘Settings’.
  2. Then, select ‘Wallpaper’ and click on ‘Choose a New Wallpaper’.
  3. You can select a heart-shaped image from the pre-loaded options or you can pick an image from your photo gallery.

Windows Phones

  1. Navigate to the ‘Settings’ section of your device.
  2. Select ‘Personalization’ then click on ‘Lock screen’.
  3. Select a heart image from your saved photos or you can browse the available options in the ‘Background’ option.

Using Apps for Heart Lock Screen Wallpapers

What are Third-party Apps?

If you want more variety and creativity in your lock screen customization, you can opt to use third-party apps. These are simply applications developed by developers not associated with the phone’s manufacturer or operating system developer.

Navigating Third-party Apps

From Google’s Play Store, Apple’s App Store, or Microsoft’s Store, you can find a slew of apps offering a wide variety of heart images and themes for your lock screen. Apps like ‘Zedge’, ‘Backgrounds HD’, and ‘Lock Screen & Notepad’ are among the popular choices. After downloading, you simply select your preferred image, follow the given instructions, and then set it as your lock screen wallpaper.

Tips and Tricks for Customizing your Lock Screen

Color Combinations

For a visually appealing lock screen, consider color combinations that compliment each other. For a heart image, consider soothing colors like whites, pastels, or deep jewel tones for a more dramatic effect.

Image Sizing

Choose the right size and dimension for your heart image to ensure that it fits perfectly on your screen without getting pixelated or distorted.

Changing Your Lock Screen

To keep the look of your phone fresh and exciting, consider changing your lock screen image regularly – perhaps monthly or even weekly.

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Customizing the lock screen image of your phone, whether it’s Android, iOS, or Windows, especially with a heart, is an easy way to add a personal touch to your gadget. So go ahead, play around with colors, sizes, and themes to create a lock screen image that’s not just visually appealing but is uniquely ‘you’.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I create a custom heart image for my lock screen?

There are a number of graphic design apps such as ‘Canva’ and ‘PicMonkey’ that allow you to create custom images. You can use shapes, colors, and designs of your choice to create a unique heart image.

Are there any free apps for lock screen customization?

Yes, there are several free apps available on Google Play, Apple App Store, and Microsoft Store. ‘Zedge’, ‘Backgrounds HD’, and ‘Lock Screen & Notepad’ are a few examples of free apps that offer lock screen customization.

What are the best color combinations for a heart image on lock screen?

The best color combination would depend on personal preference. However, neutral colors like white or black backgrounds with a colored heart image can make the heart pop. Pastel-colored hearts can also give a soft, calming effect. Deep reds or pinks can offer a more romantic vibe.

Is it possible to have an animated heart image as my lock screen?

Yes, it is possible. Animated wallpapers, or live wallpapers, are available on both Android and iOS. However, keep in mind that live wallpapers do consume more battery than static ones.

Do the steps differ between phone brand and models?

While the basic steps remain the same, some specific navigation may vary slightly between different phone brands and models within the same operating system.

How often should I change my lock screen image?

There’s no hard and fast rule for this. However, changing your lock screen image every couple of weeks or months can provide a fresh and exciting new look for your device.

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