Step-by-Step Guide: How to Draw on Google Slides on iPad


In this digital era, Google Slides has become a significant pivot in the creation and presentation of ideas, providing a sleek, intuitive, and user-friendly platform for creating slideshows. One of the exciting features that Google Slides offer is the ability to draw directly on your slides. This feature becomes increasingly handy and more accessible when using an iPad, thanks to its touch-sensitive screen.
Drawing on Google Slides on your iPad is more than just a neat trick; it can enhance your presentations by providing a personalized touch, be it adding handwritten notes, underlining, or highlighting specific content, or even creating custom artwork. In this guide, we aim to provide you with a comprehensive step-by-step tutorial on how to draw on Google Slides on your iPad.

Tools and Resources Required

Before getting into the steps, ensure that you have the necessary tools. Ideally, any iPad model running on iOS 12 or later would suffice. An updated version of Google Slides from the Apple App Store is required.

While navigating Google Slides on iPad is relatively the same as any other device, you might find the touchscreen interface to be a smoother sailing experience. In addition to the iPad, you may find a stylus pen helpful for precise drawing, though it’s not necessary. No specific applications other than Google Slides are required.

A Step-by-Step Guide: How to Draw on Google Slides iPad

A. Creating a New Google Slides Presentation

1. Signing into Google Account on iPad

Start by signing into your Google account on your iPad. Open Safari or any other internet browser on your iPad and go to Sign in using your Gmail account credentials.

2. Accessing Google Slides

Next, from your Google main page, navigate to the “apps” icon, usually found in the top right corner, and click on it. From the dropdown list, select “Slides.”

3. Creating a New Presentation

On the Slides homepage, choose “Blank” to create a new presentation.

B. Exploration of Google Slides Tools on an iPad Interface

You will have a variety of tools presented at the top of your screen, including text box, image insert, shapes, and more importantly, “Line.” The line tool is where you find the drawing tool.

C. A Step-by-Step Guide on Using Drawing Tools

1. Selection and Use of Drawing Tools

To start drawing, select the line tool that displays several line options, including curve and polyline, which mimic freehand drawing.

2. Choice of Colors and Brush Size

After drawing, click on the line color and weight icons to choose a color and adjust the brush size.

3. The Drawing Process

Draw directly on the slide using your finger or stylus.

4. Saving and Editing Drawings

Once you’re satisfied with your drawing, click anywhere outside the drawing, and your artwork will be saved automatically. To edit, tap on the drawing, and the editing options will appear.

Do’s and Don’ts of Drawing on Google Slides on iPad

When drawing on slides, remember that simplicity is key, especially if you are not an artist. Always save your work by clicking outside the drawing before moving to other tasks. To avoid mistakenly deleting your work, be careful not to select and delete it alongside text or images.

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If problems persist, try restarting the app or updating the app version.

How to Share and Collaborate on a Google Slides Drawing on iPad

Sharing and collaborating your drawings on Google Slides is easy. Tap on the “Share” button at the top-right corner, and input the recipients’ email addresses. The exported file can be shared as a link or as a PowerPoint document.


Drawing on Google Slides via iPad is a fun and effective way to personalize and enhance your presentations. Once you get the basics right, all it needs is some creativity and experimentation with the tool.


A. Can you draw on Google Slides with a stylus on iPad?

Yes, a stylus can significantly enhance precision while drawing.

B. Is there an option to undo your drawing on Google Slides?

Yes, tap on the “Undo” button at the top of your screen to undo the last action.

C. Can I use drawing tools while presenting Google Slides?

Yes, you can. In presentation mode, touch and hold the pointer, then choose Scribble.

D. Any shortcuts or tips for drawing better on Google Slides?

Practising often will improve your digital drawing skills. You can also use a stylus for better precision.

E. Are drawn images/sketches editable later? How?

Yes, to edit a drawing, simply tap on the drawing, and the familiar style options will appear again.

F. Can I use customized colors in my drawing? If so, how?

Yes, after selecting the Line tool, click on the line color icon to open the color options. Here, you can choose a custom color.

G. Can I use images from my iPad’s gallery on my Google Slides presentation?

Yes, on the top toolbar, click on the Image icon and select the source as “Upload from photos.” Choose your preferred image to add it to the slide.

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