Step by Step Guide: How to Change Your Twitch Password Safely


As one of the world’s leading live streaming platforms, Twitch is a hub for millions of broadcasters and viewers from all walks of life. In such a social serendipity, security becomes a prime concern. This article will focus on one vital aspect: Your password. In this guide, you’ll understand the importance of regularly updating your Twitch password, how to do so, and steps to secure your account further.

Creating A Twitch Account

The Importance of a Strong Password

Creating a Twitch account exposes you to a world of limitless interaction and media sharing. It also exposes your account to possible threats if left unprotected. A strong password is your first line of defense. Lesser-known combinations, usage of special characters, and avoiding personal information in your password make it harder for your account to be compromised.

Making a Twitch Account

Creating a Twitch account is as simple as clicking on the “sign up” button on the Twitch homepage. Fill in your details, confirm your account using the verification link sent to your email, and just like that, you’re a part of the Twitch community.

Changing Twitch Password

Why Change Twitch Password

Security in the digital world is all about staying a step ahead. Regularly changing your password ensures that even if your account’s password is discovered, it remains useful for only a limited time. It keeps you in control.

Changing Twitch Password on a Computer

The process is straightforward. Log in to your Twitch account, click on your profile picture, select settings, go to the security and privacy tab, and change your password. And you’re done!

Changing Twitch Password on Mobile Devices

Mobile users can change their passwords via the Twitch app. After signing in, go to Account settings under the ‘You’ tab, tap on ‘Password’, enter your current password and the new one. Tap ‘Save’ to complete the change.

Forgotten Password and Recovery

Forgot Twitch Password

Forgetfulness is human. If you’ve forgotten your Twitch password, do not fret! Twitch has simple recovery options.

Recovering Twitch Password using Email

On the sign-in page, click on ‘Trouble Logging In’. Enter your email and a password reset link will be sent to you.

Recovering Twitch Password using Phone Number

The process is similar to using an email. Instead of your email, you type in your phone number and a reset link is sent via SMS.

How to Secure Twitch Account

Enabling Two-Factor Authentication

A robust security measure is the Twitch two-factor authentication (2FA). Once enabled, your account won’t be accessible without a second verification step on your phone, even with the proper password.

Twitch Account Warnings

It is essential to enable Twitch account warnings. It provides alert notifications if any suspicious activity is sensed on your account.

Password Management Tips

Creating a Robust Twitch Password

Your password shouldn’t be easy to guess. Using a mixture of alphabets, numbers, and symbols can create a more robust password.

Password Changing Frequency

You should aim to change your password on Twitch every 60-90 days. Regular updates increase account safety.

Using a Password Manager

Password managers are tools designed to help keep track and manage your passwords. You only need to remember your master password; your other passwords are stored securely.

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Secure your Twitch experience by regularly updating your password and understanding the security measures provided by Twitch. Your security is worth the effort, and Twitch provides the tools. Make use of them to enhance your Twitch experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I change my Twitch password?

If you can’t change your password, you might have a temporary block caused by too many unsuccessful sign-in attempts. Wait for a few minutes and try again.

How do I recover my Twitch account if I’ve lost access to my email address or phone number?

Contact Twitch support and verify your identity to recover your account.

Why am I not receiving the password reset email from Twitch?

Check your spam or junk email folder. If it’s not there, you might have entered the wrong email address or your email provider could be marking it as spam.

Why is Twitch asking me to reset my password?

If Twitch is asking you to reset your password, it may be due to a security concern or a routine checkup to ensure account safety.

How often should I change my Twitch password?

For maximum security, aim to change your password every 60-90 days.

Can I use a password manager for Twitch?

Yes, a password manager is an excellent tool to have. It’ll securely store and manage your passwords.

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