Step-by-Step Guide: How to Change WiFi on Ring Security Devices


Ring devices have revolutionized by availing innovative solutions that users can control remotely through their . Convenience, peace of mind, and enhanced safety have become synonymous with these devices. However, to fully harness the power of Ring products, adequate understanding of their set up is vital. A principal aspect of this setup revolves around their connectivity. This article will guide you on how to change WiFi on your Ring devices and offer advice on maintaining a robust connection for seamless and optimized performance.

The Need to Change WiFi on Ring

Different situations might necessitate changing the WiFi on your Ring devices. These could include changing your internet service provider, updating your WiFi network for security reasons or simply moving to a new location. Regularly updating your Ring device WiFi information is critical. Doing so ensures consistent access to live feed, real-time alerts, timely updates, and avoids any interruption in the smart home ecosystem.

Understanding Your Ring Device

Ring has a variety of devices ranging from video doorbells and security cameras to its alarm system – all designed to meet different household needs. Each device interacts differently with WiFi, impacting its effectiveness. Understanding how the WiFi connection influences your Ring device's functionality can better equip you to troubleshoot issues and optimize the device's performance.

Changing WiFi on Ring Doorbell

To change the WiFi on your Ring Doorbell, first access the Ring application on your smartphone. After logging in, navigate to “Devices,” select your doorbell, and tap on “Device Health.” From here, select “Change WiFi Network” and follow the subsequent prompts to update your network information.

During setup, your Ring Doorbell communicates its status through lighting signals. For instance, a flashing blue light in the upper section implies it's attempting to connect to the network. Understanding such signals allows for a smoother setup process.

Changing WiFi on Ring Security Camera

To modify the WiFi on your Ring Security Camera, the procedure is slightly different. First, power off your camera by unplugging it. After waiting for about a minute, power it back on. Once the camera is ready, go back to your Ring app's “Device Health” page and select “Reconnect to WiFi” or “Change WiFi Network”. Here, you can fill in your new network details.

Your security camera also uses a set of lighting signals to communicate during the setup process. The nature and pattern of these lights vary from device to device, making it essential to consult your device's manual.

Changing WiFi on Ring Alarm System

In the event you wish to change the WiFi on your Ring Alarm System, navigate to your Ring app and select your Alarm Base Station from the list of Ring devices. Then, click on “Device Health,” followed by “Change WiFi Network,” and fill in your new network details.

During setup, your Alarm System's status can be interpreted from its LED light color and blinking patterns. Understanding these signals enhances your capabilities and ensures a successful setup.

Troubleshooting Steps while Changing WiFi on Ring

While changing WiFi on Ring, you might encounter issues like the inability to connect to the network or constant disconnection. These challenges can often be resolved by checking your WiFi's strength, updating your router's firmware, or even resetting your Ring device.

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Maintaining Your Ring Devices' Internet Connection

For your Ring devices to function optimally, maintain a strong WiFi connection. Regular checks on your network's speed and router's status are recommended. Moreover, strategically positioning your router, updating your WiFi credentials and using WiFi extenders where necessary can significantly enhance your Ring devices' performance.


Knowing how to change WiFi on your Ring devices is crucial for their efficient functioning. It's equally important to ensure your devices are always connected to the internet for maximum benefits. Keep updating your WiFi settings for a seamless user experience and top-notch home security.


How do I reset my Ring device's WiFi?

To reset your Ring device's WiFi, go to your Ring App, select your device, click on “Device Health” then click on “Change WiFi network.”

What does a flashing light mean when I'm trying to change the WiFi settings?

A flashing light on your Ring device during setup mostly indicates it's attempting to connect to your network.

How can I check if my Ring device is properly connected to WiFi?

On your Ring app, under “Device Health,” you can check the ‘Signal Strength' to ascertain if your device is properly connected.

I have changed my WiFi password. Do I need to update this on my Ring devices?

Yes. Whenever you change your WiFi password, remember to update it in your Ring devices too for them to stay connected.

Can I connect my Ring device to a different WiFi network?

Absolutely. As long as the new network meets the specified requirements by Ring, you can always switch to a different WiFi network.

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