Step-by-Step Guide: How to Add Friends on VRChat for a More Immersive Gaming Experience


Meet VRChat, a fascinating new world ushering the future of online social interaction. A virtual reality-based platform that allows its users to create, publish, and explore virtual worlds and hang out with people from all around the globe. You get to adopt any imaginable persona, from fantastical creatures to your favorite anime characters. But the adventure in VRChat, like in many other social platforms, is significantly enriched when shared with friends. Being able to interact, explore and engage in various activities together imparts an added layer of fun and immersion. This article will guide you through adding friends on VRChat.

Basics of VRChat Interface

The VRChat interface comes with all you would expect from an immersive online social gaming platform. Its structure allows quick and easy access to different game features. Amongst the icons visible on the VRChat dashboard, there are those for exploring different worlds, adjusting your avatar, and navigating your social contacts, which includes adding and managing friends.

Registration and Setup of VRChat

Before you start finding and adding friends in VRChat, you must first set up your account. Visit the VRChat website and click on the ‘Get Started’ button to sign up. Provide your username, email, and create a password. After successful registration, download the VRChat application either on your VR device or your desktop. Follow the setup instructions, and before long, you will be ready to delve into the virtual world of VRChat.

Finding Friends on VRChat

In VRChat, there are numerous ways to find friends. You could either find friends through browsing, searching by name, or through shared locations or instances across the platform. The search function is particularly helpful if you know the username of the person you are looking for. You can find it in the social menu of your VRChat dashboard. If you’re trying to find friends with similar interests, attending public events or joining world around those interests can be a good starting point.

Adding Friends on VRChat

Once you have identified potential friends, adding them on VRChat is a straightforward process. From the social menu, click on their avatar icon and select ‘Friend’. This sends a friend request, which they have to accept to be added to your friends’ list.

Interacting with Friends on VRChat

Interacting on VRChat isn’t limited to just adding friends; you can start a direct chat, hang out with friends in different worlds, or even host a virtual space for your friends. Joining or creating a room with friends is simple: you just need to select your preferred world and invite your friends, or join the world where your friends are already present.

How to Block or Remove Friends on VRChat

While VRChat is an exciting social platform, situations calling for blocking or removing friends may arise. You can do this from the social menu. Select the friend you’re looking to block or remove, and click on the ‘Block’ or ‘Unfriend’ option. This may be necessary to curate a desirable VRChat experience and to ensure your online safety.

Safety Considerations When Adding Friends on VRChat

As with any online platform, it’s important to practice cautious behavior when interacting with friends on VRChat. Always consider the information you share and who you share it with. Avoid sharing personal or sensitive information. Be proactive about blocking or reporting harmful or toxic behavior to maintain a safe and fun environment.

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Learning how to add and interact with friends on VRChat opens up a world of possibilities for social interaction and gaming. As you venture deeper into VRChat’s various offerings, you’ll find that having friends by your virtual side greatly enriches your experience. So, brace yourself for a worthy adventure!


What is VRChat?

VRChat is a virtual reality platform allowing users to create, publish, explore virtual worlds and socially interact with people from all around the globe.

How can I search for friends on VRChat?

You can search for friends on VRChat via the search function in the social menu on the VRChat dashboard. Input the username of the person you’re looking to add.

How do I add friends on VRChat?

To add friends on VRChat, access the social menu, click on the user’s avatar icon and select ‘Friend’. This sends a friend request, which the other user has to accept.

Can I remove or block friends on VRChat?

Yes. You can block or remove friends from the social menu. Select the friend and click ‘Block’ or ‘Unfriend’ based on your preference.

Is it safe to add friends on VRChat?

Like any online platform, adding friends on VRChat is safe as long as caution is exercised on who you befriend and the nature of information you share. Be vigilant and take control of your experience by reporting or blocking toxic behaviour if necessary.

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