Through the lense: The Meeting OWL Pro 360 Conference Camera

Through the lense: The Meeting OWL Pro 360 Conference Camera 1

Meeting Owl 360 Conference Camera

Are you planning on having regular video conferences in your office board room? The Meeting Owl 360 conference camera by Owllabs is guaranteed to impress the board members at the next big meeting. When a company’s executives are having issues communicating between branches, purchasing a better quality camera is one of the surest solutions to improving on those issues in communication.

Society is becoming more acquainted to being on and around cameras in their everyday lives. In general, being on camera shouldn’t impact the way that board members present themselves. If someone is shy speaking in front of other people, they might have less of an issue doing their presentations in front of a camera. In fact, this is one easy way to make one presentation to a large group of people in one sitting without feeling overwhelmed by the number of people staring at you.

Will you be prepared to astonish your colleagues at the next meeting? Before your next video presentation, pick up the Owl conference camera. U

sing the Owl is simple. This article will help explain some of the design aspects and tech specs. You’ll also learn about possible uses for the Owl, along with valuable tips for setting up this dynamic camera. By taking time to read through this information before you order the Owl, you’ll be ready to dive into setting up for your next big presentation.

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Design & Functionality Explained

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Meeting Owl Pro - 360 Degree, 1080p Smart Video Conference Camera, Microphone,...

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This special 360 conference camera will intrigue the people on your team with its intelligent design.

The first thing your team will notice are the eyes of this camera. If you seem puzzled, don’t worry. You don’t need to check for your glasses. This camera actually has its own set of eyes that light up when it’s in use (like an owl).

The delightful camera is designed to sit on the conference table, or it’s even small enough to fit on the sales manager’s desk. It’s shaped like an owl, so the designers put together the perfect feature to go with its shape: when a meeting is in progress, the eyes at the top of the owl will glow a luminescent green color.

It looks cute and professional, but perhaps the most useful function of this 360 conference camera are the microphones.

It has a whopping eight omnidirectional microphones. The microphones are sensitive enough to capture what participants are saying around the entire camera.

The last generation of conference microphones needed to be updated badly to do away with the need to tilt and adjust them whenever a new person would speak. The versatile microphones are able to capture what people are saying at up to a 18 foot radius from the Owl.

Also important to the functionality of this practical product is the camera mounted on top of the Owl. The OWL PRO conference camera* displays a view of the entire room. This image is a panoramic presentation of the view from the innovative lens that makes up the Owl’s camera.

To top off the functionality and design of this device, the bottom of the Owl is equipped with everything needed to connect to computers, and the Owl is equipped with speakers for everyone to hear. Much like the capabilities of the microphone and camera, the Owl’s speakers produce sound at every angle. Just plug in a cable, or connect this device to the wireless internet before you get your presentation started.

Technological Specifications Examined

The Owl is cleverly designed with small office spaces in mind. This is the perfect device to have on your desk or table because of its compact design. The device stands 10.75 inches high, it’s 4.4 inches wide, the Owl is 4.4 inches deep, and it weighs just under 3 pounds.

The compact design of this unit makes it easy to pack in a suitcase if you’re planning to have a meeting in another building.

This conference camera system comes with a USB cable and power adapter cord. The USB cable is 6.5 feet, and the adapter is 12 feet. When paired with a laptop and wireless internet, this product comes with everything the user needs to start a virtual conference, such as a meeting between multiple branches of their company.

Many users will be impressed by the Owl’s all-in-one design with plug-and-play USB connectivity. This design is far easier than other methods of setting up a virtual conference with camera and microphone capability.

The convenient USB connectivity is compatible with almost every modern computer. Those in charge of boardroom meetings and conference presenters might be interested in finding out that the Owl uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 processor.

Although the Owl works with most modern machines, new users should check to make sure that they are using a computer that is compatible with this conference camera.

The Owl works with Windows 7 or higher. Not every piece of technology works with both Windows and Mac, but the Owl is also compatible with Mac 10.8 or higher. Even Linux users with Linux 2.6.26 or higher will be able to work with the Owl. As well as iOS and Android users.

Specs (summarized):

  • Width: 4.4 inches
  • Depth: 4.4 inches
  • Height: 10.75 inches
  • Weight: 2.65 lb
  • 360° Camera with 1080p resolution
  • 360° Speaker
  • Connectivity: USB (Plug & Play)
  • WiFi Support (WPA & WPA2)
  • Works on Windows 7 or higher, Mac 10.8 or higher, iOS 10 or higher and Android 5 or higher.
  • Works with most web-based video conferencing apps (Zoom, Google Meets, Skype, Webex and more)
  • 1 Year Limited Hardware Warranty
  • Enabled for Owllabs “Smart Meeting Room”

Possible Uses in Real Life

There are a plethora of possible uses for this innovative device. This video conference camera is compact enough to pack in a suitcase when traveling to conferences at other branches. Weighing under 3 pounds makes it light enough to travel with on an airplane. The Owl will make you look like you came prepared for your next conference. When you show up with a sleek, new gadget, every person in the room will turn to give their attention to the conference and its presenters.

One possible application of the Owl is for it to be used as a way to link multiple branches of a single company. It’s not unusual for a large company to schedule a meeting with multiple branches. However, it’s nearly impossible to know what the people on the conference call are doing during the discussion. If a company holds a conference with multiple branches, those branch leaders might not even be paying attention during the meeting. This video conference camera helps ensure that everyone that is supposed to be present during large company meetings is being held accountable during the entire meeting. Branch managers will need to get extra sleep the night before a big meeting to avoid dozing off during the next conference.

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Another possible use for the Owl conference camera is a domestic approach. If you only need to use the Owl to make a few presentations around the country, this device might be worth keeping around in your life. This conference camera isn’t just for business people. Computers were once developed specifically for business use. Today, this technology helps all sorts of people keep in touch with each other, including family and friends. The Owl will help you keep in close contact with the people you love when you are not able to be in the same room as them.

Tips for Setup

In addition to the tech specs for system requirements listed above, the user needs to make sure that their computer is running smoothly. Minimum system requirements and wireless internet connectivity are needed to support all functions of this device. Apple products with iOS 10 or higher will be able to interact with this device. Android devices must be Android 5 or higher to interact with the Owl.

Some new users have had questions about which type of video conference software to use. The Owl works with most conference software. You should pick a conference software that is web-based for the best performance of this device.

Part of the setup involves registering for the extended warranty. In the event that this product has an internal hardware malfunction, it is automatically covered for one full year.

However, the user may register their product for an additional year of protection at no cost. It’s a very generous offer on a phenomenally innovative piece of technology.

The main reasons why this is the best video conference camera is because of its versatility, its compact design, and its compatibility with various software platforms.

The Owl works with all the major conference platforms, including Google Hangouts, Google Meet, Go To Meeting, Skype, Skype for Business, and Zoom. Developers have tested the Owl and found that it’s compatible with a long list of less common conference software platforms as well. The full list is available on the company’s website.

They also have a nifty little video about the setup process, to show just how easy it is to get started:


Bottom Line: Why Buy the Owl?

The Owl has surpassed those high standards set by many executives. It’s the best video conference camera available on the market today. The main reasons indicated above were versatility, compact design, and compatibility.

The Owl is versatile enough to make itself valuable in a wide array of situations, including company meetings and family dinners. The compact design of the owl is great because staff members do not need to find a television, camera, microphone, and other pieces of technology before every meeting. In addition, nearly every modern computer and smartphone is compatible with this simply unique video conference camera.

The sophisticated design of this product is sure to impress some of the board members that usually fall asleep during meetings. Everything from its impressive functionality to its expressive eyes will keep the rest of the conference participants engaged during presentations.

Meetings don’t need to be a waste of time any longer. Since the Owl will be present during your next conference, employees will find a way to be on task during the entire duration of the meeting. Consequently, this little machine pays for itself.

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Meeting Owl Pro - 360 Degree, 1080p Smart Video Conference Camera, Microphone,...

& Free shipping
Last update was on: June 29, 2022 1:11 pm